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The SyFy channel is infamous for movies so bad they’re good, like Sharknado. So when you see Ascension labeled as a Syfy original movie, you might think it too would be a cheesy B movie. But you’d be oh so wrong about that. This was a stunningly well crafted mini-series with an original premise, so many twists and turns in the plot that I nearly got whiplash trying to keep up, and an impressive cast of great actors like Tricia Helfer. As far as the story goes, I’ll let the trailer below take care of that.  So many things can be spoilers!  But I will say it is based on the real life Orion Project, something dreamed up during the John F. Kennedy presidency.

There’s incredible attention to detail with the 50s era costumes, accessories, decor and music, which bring the whole world of Ascension to life in a very real way. It’s a whodunnit on multiple levels with perhaps too much attention given to sordid affairs, but also with many revelations I never saw coming. The visual effects were excellent and the execution of the whole thing was impeccable. Why this didn’t get more attention, I’ll never know. Perhaps it wasn’t advertised enough or people made the same erroneous assumption I stated earlier, but in any case, this is well worth your time and will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last second. I hope the story gets to continue in some way, as I was definitely left wanting more. – BETHANY

To see the massive cast list, visit the Internet Movie Database

The USS Ascension

The interior of the Asension.

               Nora Bryce (Jacqueline Byers), with a look likely inspired by Gidget.

What, doesn’t your spaceship have a beach?

The inhabitants of the Ascension are extremely patriotic.

They also throw great parties!

Viondra (Trivia Helfer) and Captain William Denninger (Brian Van Holt) at one of the many parties aboard ship.

Not everything is fun and games …

Stockyard Master John Stokes (Brad Carter) has a teensy psychotic episode.

Safety Officer Duke Vanderhaus (Ryan Robbins) and Executive Officer Aaron Gault (Brandon P Bell).

Dr. Juliet Bryce (Andrea Roth) at a shocking murder scene on Ascension.

                                  Gil Bellows as Harris Enzmann, the man behind the curtain at the Ascension project.


Photos courtesy of Debmar-Mercury, NBCUniversal Television, CBS and the Syfy Channel (unless otherwise credited in clickable form)



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