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Broadchurch was riveting and kept me on the edge of my seat through each episode. Even though Gracepoint has David Tennant starring as well, it’s just a lukewarm rehash of the original, lacking the spark of the British version. I endured five episodes before I just couldn’t take it any longer and realized assuaging my curiosity as to whether or not the ending would be the same was in no way worth wasting more of my time. I’m delighted Broadchurch will be returning for a second season, but Gracepoint needs to, er, gracefully disappear before it dies of sheer embarrassment. Normally I would say anything with David Tennant would be great, but this totally redundant “Americanized” version strips him of the hard-bitten scruffiness he had in Broadchurch, committing the television equivalent of neutering the poor actor. How could you do that to the good Doctor? And worse, they have him doing an American accent!  Do yourself a favor and watch the BBC version, as this dreadful attempt to co-opt a superior production for the benefit of people who evidently are incapable of relating to a story unless it is set on American soil, deservedly falls flat. – BETHANY

If you want to know more about this rubbish, look it up on

 Top: Broadchurch  Bottom: Gracepoint  “Oh my Lord, these shows are identical and yet the Americanized version is so bad!  How is this possible?”

Anna Gunn and David Tennant– I’m not going to include any more pictures because they all look pretty much like this one.


Photos courtesy of Shine America, Kudos, South Slope Pictures, Imaginary Friends,  20th Television and Fox network


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