Ground Floor

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This show exemplifies everything the TBS brand stands for: bubbly, richly entertaining and very, very funny. Side-splittingly funny, in fact. Golden boy Brody Moyer (Skylar Astin) works at a top tier money management firm, both literally and figuratively, as the office is located at the top of a San Francisco skyscraper. All the way down on the ground floor, we find an entirely different echelon of employees who seem oddly proud of their mediocre low key and correspondingly low-paying jobs. Leading the Ground Floorers, the beautiful and sassy Jennifer catches Brody’s eye and thus begins an inter-floor romance connected by a very long elevator. Brody’s boss, curmudgeonly Mr. Mansfield, is played by John C. McGinley, whose gravelly voice always sounds as though he gargles with acid. He’s jovial, self-centered and ruthless, and prone to non sequiturs involving obscure military history.

With supporting characters known only by their nicknames (Harvard and Threepeat), the contrast between the two work environments provides much of the humor. Harvard is borderline delusional, believing Jennifer will eventually see him for the dreamboat he is (not!), and Threepeat is an unctuous overachiever with an inferiority complex. These are beautifully drawn neurotic characters who admittedly behave somewhat like they never became more than a sketch on the storyboard, but who cares, since sitcoms are designed to be funny rather than an accurate portrayal of life. The writing is a flurry of wit, hilarious one-liners, satiric commentary, shameless class-based barbs and scrumptious turns of phrase, sprinkled with just enough caustic pungence to keep it from being too cutesy or corny. I wasn’t expecting much from Ground Floor but I absolutely loved it and am now thoroughly enjoying season two. Maybe one of these days, we’ll find out if the elevator ever stops between the top and ground floors! [Drat, no we won’t.  The show has been cancelled after 2 seasons, despite positive reviews.  Not very funny, TBS …] – BETHANY

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          Skylar Astin and Briga Heelan as Brody Moyer and Jenny Miller

Observe the difference in dress codes between the top and ground floors.

From left to right: Some random guy, Threepeat, Mr. Mansfield, Brody Moyer and (possibly) Jennifer.

                                   John C McGinley as wily boss man Remington Stewart Mansfield.

Harvard (Rory Scovel) refuses to accept he will never get the girl (Jennifer) and freaks out whenever he sees evidence to the contrary.


Photos courtesy of Doozer Productions, Warner Horizon Television, Warner Bros. Television and TBS


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