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I think this movie was incorrectly marketed and has been mistakenly perceived by the public as a kind of super hero movie. Yes, Scarlett Johansson‘s Lucy does get superpowers, but this is definitely not a comic book type of adventure. This is a cerebral and scientific thought experiment that asks the question what might a human being be if they could access 100% of their brain’s potential? The director is Luc Besson, perhaps best known for The Fifth Element, and Lucy has a similar warped feel to it.  Besson tries to tip you off to this not being your typical action flick from the very beginning, by sprinkling little visual cues such as the mouse approaching the trap when Lucy is about to get Shanghaied and the action with her is intercut by scenes of Morgan Freeman‘s professor giving a lecture on the mysteries of the brain to the scientific community. Personally, I found the idea that a scuzzy drug dealer could inadvertently hold the key to unlocking the infinite mysteries of human existence abhorrent, but as a plot device, it was certainly effective.

Definitely deserving of an R rating, this has a great deal of blood, gore, brutality and other assorted bits of nastiness. Lucy is one person’s vision of what an artificially advanced human might be like and the entire movie is surreal and a bit bizarre. The special effects are quite stellar, literally in one sequence, and the whole thing is visually stunning. Lucy herself is much more interested in passing on her knowledge than wreaking vengeance and Morgan Freeman was perfect as the bemused scientist staring the future in the face. I felt as though the movie was cut short too soon and there was more exploring the director could have done. I was left feeling unsatisfied with a million questions swirling around in my head, but as the whole movie is meant to be deeply thought-provoking, this may have been done on purpose. Very good for what it is, this is utterly unique and fascinating. But if you’re expecting Marvel’s Black Widow meets Kill Bill, you’ll be severely disappointed. – BETHANY

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               Oh no, she’s being forcibly turned into a drug mule!

Super drug CPH4, or at least some cool blue crystalline stuff from the local craft store.

I’ll bet she didn’t sign a surgical consent form.

Uh-oh, her eyes are turning the same color as the drugs …

Imagine what she could do performing for Cirque du Soleil!

Then again, this might not be everyone’s favorite act …

Lucy hitches a ride with French cop Pierre Del Rio (Amr Waked).

Here’s where it starts to get weird (OK, it got weird in the first few scenes).

Lucy and Professor Norman (the great Morgan Freeman)

    Lucy meets ‘Lucy’.  This scene was groan inducing for me.  I can’t believe they went there.


Photos courtesy of EuropaCorp, TF1 Films Production, Canal+, Ciné+, TF1 and Universal Pictures


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