Man Seeking Woman

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Although avant-garde darlings of art house film festivals have long been lauded for their use of metaphor to convey something profound, this is the first time the idea has been taken literally. Call it a metaphorical reality TV show, if you like. Meet Josh Greenberg, played as an adorable dork by the equally adorkable Jay Baruchel. He stumbles along through life seeking a real relationship, but everything is taken to hilarious lengths by portraying things around him as metaphors come to life. Think your blind date is a troll? Here she’s actually a Troll who lives in a garbage can. Your friends say you’re irrationally jealous when your ex-girlfriend starts dating an older man, what better way to illustrate your instant hatred of the new man than by making him literally Adolf Hitler. Score a girl’s phone number? It’s headline news across the nation and you get calls from places like the White House to congratulate you.

While the real life metaphors are funny in and of themselves, what really makes this show downright hilarious is that only Josh sees the ludicrous bizarro world things as they are. All the other characters consider the wackiness to be completely normal. They must have to do a million takes of each scene because the actors are laughing so hard they can’t keep a straight face. While this is one heck of a gimmick, I hope the show develops some actual depth or the novelty factor will wear thin quickly. It should also be noted this is highly adult-oriented and often raunchy humor, worthy of a solid R rating if it were a movie. So with all that in mind, take a break from serious shows and see what fun can be had when drama becomes pure comedy. – BETHANY

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Josh’s ex-girlfriend Maggie (Maya Erskine) with her new boyfriend.

Ever feel like a third wheel?  Try going dancing with friends.  Ice dancing, that is.

Josh’s sister Liz (Britt Lower) creates the perfect man.

When couples get way too close.  As in surgically conjoined close.

At a wedding in hell.  Literally.

Whitney (Minka Kelly) and her friend (and Penis Monster!!) Tanaka.

                                                             I’m not going to explain this picture, other than to identify Josh’s friend Mike (Eric André).  I will also not make the photo a link so you can see it in an even larger size.  Blech!

Again, I have no explanation.  What, don’t you ever have arrows sticking out of your sofa?



Photos courtesy of Broadway Video, FX Productions and the FXX channel (unless otherwise noted in clickable form)


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