Marvel’s Agent Carter

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Post World War II was a rough time for women in professions. After Rosie the Riveter called them to work in the factories, they were now expected to go meekly back to more appropriate occupations, such as telephone operators and secretaries. Agent Peggy Carter doesn’t have a meek bone in her body. While every inch a lady, she can dish out cutting remarks and set-downs with the best of them, mostly directed at badly behaving chauvinist colleagues, not to mention being able to disable a whole platoon all by herself. This is the story of what happens to Peggy after the events in Captain America: The First Avenger. Amid a sea of black suits and fedoras, Agent Carter stands out in an impeccable blue suit and a smart red hat. She works for the S.S.R., a forerunner of the C.I.A., but when Howard Stark gets himself into a spot of trouble, he begs her to clear his name, that is if she can leave such pressing matters as taking lunch orders and answering phones. Assisting her in her clandestine investigation is Stark’s butler, Edwin Jarvis. Played by James D’Arcy (a Benedict Cumberbatch lookalike), he’s very proper and seemingly naïve, but also alarmingly jaded. He bumbles through the charged world of espionage and while a bit of a pansy, is a very good sort. It’s Agent Carter who’s doing all the heroics, while Jarvis is more concerned about the laundry and what he’s baking for tea. The role reversals are quite amusing to a modern audience. I’m especially pleased to see Enver Gjokaj (Victor from Dollhouse) playing a fellow agent of Peggy’s and the only one who treats her with a modicum of respect. This isn’t the greatest TV show ever but it is a lot of fun. There are quite a lot of shocking twists I did not see coming and I enjoyed seeing Bridget Regan once again play a very unexpected character. I hope this show gets a chance to grow beyond its first season, as Agent Carter is fascinating and the harbingers of the Cold War are beyond intriguing. – BETHANY

Howart Stark (Dominic Cooper), Agent Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) and Edwin Jarvis (James D’Arcy)

Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj) and Jack Thompson (Chad Michael Murray)

Agent Carter or Veronica Lake?  Peggy goes undercover as a femme fatale


Photos courtesy of ABC Studios, Marvel Television and F&B Fazekas & Butters (unless otherwise credited in clickable form)


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