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I guess there is a simple truth exemplified by this movie: Hollywood is totally incapable of creating a movie that accurately depicts its source material. I’ll be the first to acknowledge the picture of a totally benevolent Noah standing beatifically at the entrance of the ark as animals come two by two is probably not quite how it went down. As a Christian but also someone capable of rational thought and logic, the real story is probably a lot more complicated than what eventually got written down. The book of Genesis, if we’re being honest, is a little vague and sometimes self-contradictory, which leaves the door open to a lot of interpretation. The few passages describing the antediluvian world are very strange, full of references to things since lost to history and again, open to speculation and extrapolation. Therefore I can tolerate The Watchers and the idea that Cain’s descendants built a rather advanced civilization. But while the broad strokes of the Biblical story are present in this movie, there are quite a few things that directly contradict what is specifically stated in the Bible. There are a lot of overtones that seem to be transplanted directly from the story of Abraham and Isaac as well as deliberately choosing to gross out modern audiences with several presumptive cases of incest, in flagrant disregard of the Genesis account. I’ve got no problem with Noah perhaps not being the nicest guy and struggling to understand what God really wanted him to do. Go right ahead and fill out the story in any way you might imagine it, but don’t mangle the few pieces of it that do survive just for the sake of being dramatic. I think the biggest mistake this movie made was not portraying God as an active character. The Prince of Egypt was so much better in that respect. There are things to appreciate about this movie, such as the acting performances and special effects, but not enough to earn it more than a disappointing single star. – BETHANY

For more on this fiasco of Biblical proportions, visit the Internet Movie Database

The Classic Image of Noah (courtesy of

Aronofsky’s Noah  (Russell Crowe).

Methuselah in the Noah story?  Why drag Anthony Hopkins into this?

A Watcher, colloquially referred to as a “Rock Monster”

How to save on food bills.  Jennifer Connelly as Mrs. Noah.

Which brother gets Hermione?  Emma Watson

Oh the rains came down and the floods came up …

                                          His Big Badness, Tubal-cain, played by Ray Winstone.



Photos courtesy of Regency Enterprises, Protozoa Pictures and Paramount Pictures


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