Secrets and Lies

Secrets and Lies

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With a deceptively simple premise, this story of a suburban dad who finds the body of a neighbor’s child during a morning jog is incredibly complicated, twisted and one humdinger of a mystery. We meet Ben Crawford, played by Ryan Phillippe, running full tilt to report finding the body of young Tom Murphy, so we as the audience aren’t privy to whether or not he committed the crime. Based on what he says and his behavior, we assume he’s innocent, but there is certainly a mounting pile of evidence against him. With the constant swarming of the press making his life and the lives of his family a living hell, Ben has been tried and convicted in the court of public opinion, forcing him to investigate the boy’s murder to find the real killer, as the police aren’t looking into anyone but him as a suspect. Homicide detective Andrea Cornell is played by Juliette Lewis as jaded and prim with a permanent look on her face as though she smells something unpleasant. With her pursed lips, accusing eyes and scraped back hair, she’s not particularly appealing or affable and is definitely more of an antagonist for Ben than an advocate. Each episode is riveting and with bombshells dropping a mile a minute, it’s tough to imagine where the storyline will go. I’ve not seen the original Australian show upon which this is based, but this is a terrific portrayal of a presumed innocent man whose life and the lives of those around him are torn apart in the wake of a heinous crime. There are layers upon layers of secrets and mysteries to unravel as relationships crumble, doubt and suspicion plague everyone until even Ben starts to wonder whether or not he did it. I’m totally hooked and look forward to seeing how this develops. – BETHANY

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Detective Andrea Cornell (Juliette Lewis)

Ben Crawford (Ryan Phillippe) and daughter Abby (Belle Shouse)

Det. Cornell digging into Ben’s life

Suburban vandalism

Ben and Christy Crawford (KaDee Strickland) at the funeral

Neighbor Jess Murphy (Natalie Martinez)

Natalie Crawford (Indiana Evans)

Ben and Dave (Dan Fogler) try to retrace Ben’s steps the night of the murder


Photos courtesy of ABC Studios, Avenue K Productions and Hoodlum Kapital Entertainment


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