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It takes a certain type of person to handle the intense life-and-death roller coaster of being a paramedic. The writers of Sirens capitalize on that and have created a workplace comedy featuring a crew of screwball EMTs. These people see all kinds of freaky stuff, much of which is extremely laugh-worthy. Very fast paced, full of snappy banter and often surprisingly keen observations about life, there’s a dark humor to this that really appeals to those of us who can appreciate the bizarre and the absurd. A little bit slapstick, occasionally vulgar and sometimes admittedly immature, this is the perfect antidote to all the serious medical dramas out there (and there are so many!). Revel in the ridiculously funny showcase of twisted personalities, each of them slightly unhinged in their own special way. It’s a coping mechanism that allows them to function in a high stress profession, but it sure makes for entertaining television. My father worked as an ER doctor for 30+ years, generally on the night shift, and you wouldn’t believe some of his stories. Truth is often stranger than fiction, so pretty much everything that occurs on the job for these EMTs has probably happened more than once in real life. Sirens allows you to indulge in the guilty pleasure of laughing at other people’s misfortunes (even if they are fictitious), so make up for it by being suitably grateful that this stuff isn’t happening to you.  USA network put out a Do Not Renew order on Sirens after two seasons, but they’re most definitely still worth watching.  – BETHANY

For more information on Sirens, visit: The Internet Movie Database

Johnny, Brian and Hank finding out why a patient really needed his browser history cleared.  (Michael Mosley, Kevin Bigley, and Kevin Daniels)

Do I really need to explain what’s going on in this scene?

Claire ‘Stats’ Bender (Maura Kidwell), Valentina ‘Voodoo’ Dunacci (Kelly O’Sullivan), Brian and Cash

Billy and Theresa (Josh Segarra and Jessica McNamee)


Photos courtesy of Fox Television Studios (2014), Fox 21 Television Studios (2015), Apostle, Middletown News and USA network


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