The Curse of Oak Island

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Oak Island, a small bit of land off the coast of Nova Scotia, has been a hub of mystery, rampant conjecture and conspiracy theories for hundreds of years and finally, with the help of the Lagina brothers, we may actually discover once and for all what, if anything, is buried on the island. People have been digging for treasure for generations, spurred on by mysterious man-made features such as the occasional piece of pirate gold, stones with strange markings on them, alignments too perfect to be found in nature, and most importantly, a mysterious shaft punctuated by wooden platforms that has been cleverly booby-trapped to fill with sea water. It sounds like the plot of one of the National Treasure movies and theories regarding what’s buried on the island range from the Holy Grail, the Ark of the Covenant and Templar treasure to the lost works of William Shakespeare and pirate booty.

For anyone like myself who’s a fan of historical mysteries, this show is irresistible and the evidence unearthed on Oak Island is both fascinating and astonishing. However, the progress is slow and significant finds are few and far between. Consider this your ticket to be part of the team for the long haul, so be prepared for a lot of repetition of information, wild speculation and increasingly bizarre theories, with just enough success to whet your appetite for more. The narrator does have an annoying habit of raising the tone of his voice throughout his sentences, making them sound like questions even when they’re not, and each episode tends to repeat much of the content of previous episodes. But Oak Island is still magnetic, filled with so many intriguing possibilities and my curiosity will keep me glued to the show to see what strange and wonderful thing will turn up next. – BETHANY

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                                                            Marty and Rick Lagina. Marty’s the skeptic, but is wholeheartedly supporting his brother Rick in his lifelong dream of discovering the secrets of Oak Island.

Such a big fuss over such a tiny island!

Strange carved symbols found on Oak Island.

Chasing evidence that leads to Scotland.

                              The carvings on this rock depict a symbol that can be traced back to King Solomon’s Temple, leading some to believe the Ark of the Covenant may actually be somewhere on the island.

A much used graphic illustrating the structure of the Money Pit and how it is booby-trapped to fill with seawater.

The team theorizes there may be a treasure vault effectively hidden by a swamp that may have been artificially created.

Could it be pirate gold buried on the island?  Or something much older?

Genuine Spanish coin found by the Lagina Brothers on an episode of the show.


Photos courtesy of Prometheus Entertainment, A&E Television Networks and the History Channel (unless otherwise credited in clickable form)


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