Good Witch

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This Hallmark TV series follows 7 movies about Catherine Bell‘s character Cassie Nightingale. I watched a few of the movies, but I’ve got to say that either the movies were much better or the TV show version is sadly lacking in, well, everything. There are some very fine actors involved but it’s like they all forgot how to act and instead shamelessly overdo the dramatics, making the characters seem flat and one dimensional or worse, stock. The stilted performances are smothered in what I can only describe as high-fructose corn syrup masquerading as the script and accompanying overly emotional music. Also, the show makes no effort to welcome new viewers by filling them in on pertinent details so if you haven’t seen every single one of the movies, there’s a lot that won’t make sense. Cassie is annoyingly perfect and prescient, and seems to enjoy being enigmatic just for kicks. I can readily understand why the new doctor in town finds her frustratingly opposed to modern medicine, oppressively omnipresent and ridiculously good at everything. My personal verdict is unless you’re a die-hard fan of the movies, this show will likely have little appeal. – BETHANY

If you care, here’s the link for the Internet Movie Database

The incredibly annoying Madam Mayor, Martha Tinsdale (Catherine Disher)

                                James Denton, Catherine Bell, Bailee Madison

ALL the Good Witch movies:

                                                                      Makes me wonder, did they run out of trailing titles for the TV show, so they went back to the original title?  I have a few suggestions – The Good Witch’s VexationThe Good Witch’s Pomposity.  Or how about The Good Witch’s Ubiquity.



Photos courtesy of Whizbang Films and Hallmark Channel



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