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Really an excellent British show that runs in America on the Disney channel. An adolescent girl named Maddy and her parents try to live a normal life while concealing the fact that every full moon they transform into wolves, which is particularly problematic as wolves have been hunted to to the brink of extinction in England. Maddy meets a new student at school named Rhydian and discovers he too is a “wolfblood”. Unable to explain to her friends why she and Rhydian are suddenly so close, their relationship is further threatened by Maddy’s friend Shannon’s obsession with proving the existence of a local legend.

It’s a simple enough plot definitely geared to a younger audience which is honestly quite a refreshing change from the dark, emotionally tortured and often over-sexed werewolves that seem to populate other TV shows and movies. Call it a supernatural coming-of-age story done in typical understated British fashion with a good dollop of dry humor. Not just for children, this show also appeals to adults who enjoy remembering when things were much less complicated, although at the time it seems like every little thing heralds the end of the world. I really enjoyed season 1 and with season 3 already running in the UK, I hope Disney decides to pick it up for season 2 in the US. Alternatively, Wolfblood is available to stream on Netflix and Hulu. – BETHANY

For more information on Wolfblood, visit the Internet Movie Database

                                  You gotta have howling at the moon!

OK, so the wolf effects aren’t that great.  At least they’re actual wolves, not some weird human/wolf mix.

Maddy and Rhydian – what, you didn’t recognize them?

Maddy and her overly curious friends, Tom Okinawe (Kedar Williams-Stirling) and Shannon Kelly (Louisa Connolly-Burnham).

                                 Resident mean girls Kay, Kara and Katrina.  Or simply the 3 Ks. (Shorelle Hepkin, Rachel Teate, and Gabrielle Green)

Maddy’s parents Emma (Angela Lonsdale) and Dan Smith (Marcus Garvey).

Maddy and Rhydian, (Aimee Kelly and Bobby Lockwood)

The easy camaraderie between wolfbloods.



Photos courtesy of CBBC, ZDF/ZDFE and CBBC (unless otherwise credited in clickable form)



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