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I only watched a few episodes of Helix before deciding it was not for me. I liked the premise and it was certainly suspenseful, but I just couldn’t take the relentless gore and unnecessarily gross visuals. Too creepy and way too violent, I quit watching even though I really was interested in the plot. There are plenty of other things to watch that don’t feel the need to horrify and shock the viewer. I enjoy shows like True Blood, Bones, Sleepy Hollow, Grimm, Fargo, and Z Nation as well as scary movies like Pitch Black, the Alien series and The Ghost in the Darkness, so it’s not like I object to graphic bloody stuff in general. But Helix took it to a whole new level of nastiness and there are some things you can’t un-see. It’s a real shame because I liked the idea behind the show.  Evidently others felt the same way I did because after two seasons of lackluster ratings, the Syfy channel pulled the plug.  – BETHANY

For more on this creepy short-lived show, visit the Internet Movie Database

Well this isn’t good …

Someone was experimenting with monkeys and when they were done, simply tossed them outside.

I know this is fictional but the horrific animal cruelty portrayed was just too much, and was never really even addressed.

Look out!  He’s got a syringe gun and he’s going to try and use it but will probably fail.

You really don’t want to see what’s in that body bag.  I wish I hadn’t …

How to make a creepy sick person:  Put veins all over the place, use red contacts and distribute random patches of blood and black ooze.  Perfect!

The ‘inexplicably dead scientist whose cause of death is unknown’ cliché.

Is it just me or does this guy look like one of the Wraith on Stargate: Atlantis?

Now here’s a makeup department cop-out.

My word, what a thoroughly disgusting and rather pointless show!

And this poster for season 2 is supposed to make you want to see the show?



Photos courtesy of Kaji Productions, Muse Entertainment Enterprises, Lynda Obst Productions, Sony Pictures Television and Syfy


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