Marry Me

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A lively and enjoyable sitcom with a great ensemble cast of oddball characters, Marry Me is a real treat to watch. With a silly and slightly slapstick vibe, deliberately over-acted with lots of histrionics but sprinkled with moments of absolute genius, this is much better than expected. At the center of the show are Annie and Jake, a newly engaged couple with the rest of characters in various orbits around them. The story lines are amusing and creative, exploring a variety of issues cleverly hidden under a veneer of pure fluff entertainment. The dialogue tends towards rapid-fire banter and if you don’t pay attention, you might miss some absolute linguistic gems. It eschews realism in favor of exaggerated situations and characters deliberately overdrawn for comedic effect. Funny, scrumptious and often surprisingly shrewd, Marry Me is a stellar example of what sitcoms should be. Although the structure is different, the tone reminds me quite a bit of Friends, which might just be my favorite sitcom ever. I was sure hoping this would get the chance to grow and blossom, but it was cancelled after just one season with four episodes left unaired. Gee, thanks, NBC. – BETHANY

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                                   Jake (Ken Marino) and Annie (Casey Wilson) on an anniversary date.

Annie and Jake go all out for Halloween.

Annie’s adoptive fathers, the Kevins (Tim Meadows and Dan Bucatinsky)

Photos courtesy of FanFare Productions, Shark Vs. Bear Productions, Sethsquatch, Sony Pictures Television, Exhibit A Productions, Gifted and Talented Camp Productions and NBC


2 thoughts on “Marry Me

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I get fits of apoplexy when networks cancel perfectly great new shows prematurely and then renew other assorted garbage. So frustrating! But these days a show cancellation might not be the death knell it used to be. Other networks, especially web based ones like Hulu and Netflix, have been known to pick up beleaguered shows if there is sufficient outcry from the fans. Smart move, in my opinion.


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