Heart and Souls

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This was a surprising gem of a find! There is little about it I disliked and considering it came out of the era of cheesy 80s B movies, this is pure gold. Robert Downey Jr. gives a really great, exquisitely nuanced performance playing Thomas Reilly. The moment he was born, the souls of four people who died at the same time became attached to him. The quartet of personalities are drawn with unerring precision, including a cocktail waitress (Kyra Sedgwick), a single mom (Alfre Woodard), a baritone in a natty suit too timid to ever sing in public (Charles Grodin) and a bad boy greaser with larceny in his soul (Tom Sizemore). Thomas grows up with four friends who are invisible to everyone but him, worrying his parents and school teachers. Eventually, the non-corporeal quartet decide to take a step back and try to give Thomas a normal life. The scene where they do so is heartbreaking, leaving a little boy utterly alone, bereft of the four people who have been a constant in his life.  But once Thomas is grown into a rather obnoxious yuppie, some unexpected light is shed on the situation. The four have unresolved issues and only Thomas can help them put things right. Mixed into all of this is Thomas’s girlfriend Anne (Elizabeth Shue), who is becoming increasingly confused and dissatisfied by Thomas’s flakiness, erratic behavior and aversion to commitment. While the plot would seem to be a spooky ghost story, it is anything but. It’s a genuine feel-good movie that explores a lot of different aspects of being human while also being charmingly tongue-in-cheek and employing some choice humor. Also a cautionary tale for drivers who can’t keep their eyes on the road!  Major kudos to the sequence where Charles Grodin’s character Harrison Winslow finally gets up his nerve to sing. Magnificent! I absolutely loved this movie and may very well buy it. It is a love story, but not necessarily the sort you’re used to. Love comes in many shapes and forms and this exemplary movie showcases them all. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to take Penny’s advice and call my mother. – BETHANY

If you want to know more about this movie (and who could blame you?) visit: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0107091/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

Kyra Sedgwick as Julia

The ghostly foursome (no clue why some of these pictures are in black & white – the movie certainly isn’t.)

Yup, looks like a jerk to me …

It’s difficult to look sane when all this is happening around you and no one else can see it.

Photos courtesy of Universal Pictures, Alphaville Films and Stampede Entertainment


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