Last Man Standing

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First of all if your politics lean towards the left, you probably won’t like this show. As a conservative, I absolutely love it and rejoice that there is such a show on the air. Tim Allen is wonderful with his pithy, expressive and sometimes deadpan lines and the supporting cast are quite good as well. It’s so nice to see Héctor Elizondo (my favorite character in Pretty Woman) again and he and Tim Allen are a great duo at the Outdoorman store. True, the show recast one of the daughters for season 2, but her replacement does an admirable job and the tone of the show is unchanged. Each member of the Baxter family is well drawn and unique. Don’t think this is a Home Improvement knockoff, although Tim Allen plays a similar sort of character but this time as the lone manly man in a house full of women. I love that many of the female characters are whip smart and ambitious, a welcome relief from the average TV show. In amusing contrast, there are several characters that are sweet but somewhat lacking in the brains department. For example, Kyle expounds while eating Chinese food, “Ah, China. The Dark Continent. The Emerald Isle. The Land Down Under.” To which his companion responds admiringly that he knows so much about everything! There are quite a few funny references to Home Improvement, which I loved, as well as some social and political commentary which is very appropriate to the current state of the country. Anything involving Tim Allen is usually outrageously funny and this show is no exception. Witty, wry, sardonic and always hilarious, this show deserves every one of its five stars. ABC has just renewed this for a fifth season and I couldn’t be happier. – BETHANY

Given the polarizing nature of politics in general, I can see why some might not like what I had to say about Last Man Standing.  I think the show handles the issue of politics gracefully, shrewdly and inevitably hilariously, so I’m guessing the people who object to my comments believe in some extreme or the other and therefore have a duty to obliterate my review so it doesn’t contaminate other readers.  Or maybe they just hate the show itself and don’t want any positive reviews encouraging people to watch.  Either way, kind of pathetic.

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Mike and Vanessa Baxter (Tim Allen and Nancy Travis)

The Baxter family with daughters Kristin, Eve and Mandy.

Kyle Anderson (Christoph Sanders), a slightly dim but very cheerful employee of Outdoorman sporting goods.

                   Héctor Elizondo as Ed Alzate, owner of Outdoorman.

Of all the Baxter girls, competitive tomboy Eve (Kaitlyn Dever) is the most like her dad.

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One thought on “Last Man Standing

  1. I absolutely love this show. Being a staunch conservative myself, it is a refreshing gem in a world of progressivism on steroids. I really love the references to and cameos from “Home Improvement”. Living in Colorado Springs, the references to Denver and Colorado are accurate.

    The creator and writers keep the characters tight in-character:

    Eve, the tomboy replacement son for Mike, plays her role well. Her interjections of references to Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan are timely (I used to work with a liberal that referred to Ronald Reagan as Ronald “Ray Gun” – yet Reagan toppled the USSR without nary a bullet, but I digress). Ed (Hector Elizondo) questions her ability to pitch softball strikes and her response was “All day long” as she proceeds to send a fast ball dead-on a lamp Ed challenged her to hit.

    Mandy is my favorite character as the not-so-bright, social media, Kardashian-zombie, who flits through life yet found her niche as a fashion designer with a flair for creating clothing women won’t (and she isn’t blonde to perpetuate the myth). Mike wasn’t so hip in her venture until he saw her passion and desire to succeed so he jumped in to help mentor her marketing. The Christmas episode where Mandy brings home a sailor from Afghanistan to be with his family (in real life) was wonderful. The best part was it was never hyped in the media. It portrayed Mandy as not as shallow as she is depicted, that there is more to her life than “her”.

    I preferred the original Kristin (Alexandra Krosney), as I think Amanda Fuller is the weakest in the cast. IMHO, she just doesn’t seem to fit in. Hard to put it in words as to why.

    The role of Ed (Hector Elizondo) is very well cast. I love his dry wit. He acts confused yet he gets the need to attract a younger demographic for “Outdoor Man” and jumps right into cyberspace where the new generation of shoppers live. Mike is hesitant to follow yet adapts and becomes “Outdoor Man” via the smart and tight vlogs he posts. Ed is the soul of Outdoor Man and Mike is the marketing whiz that makes Ed’s ideas work.

    The vlogs are priceless little snippets of wisdom and fun. They are something I look forward to each week.

    My mother (89) liked “Home Improvement” but not this show because if the out-of-wedlock child. I reminded her that Mandy gave-up her college ambitions, worked in a two-bit diner to, lives at home and the Baxter family takes care of their own rather than “nanny government”. There are plenty of references that Kristin screwed-up big time, and she readily admits she was immature and foolish, yet the entire family is dedicated to ensure she and Boyd are well loved and cared for. Liberals can learn a lot from this storyline.

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