Secret of the Wings

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I started watching Disney’s series of movies devoted to Tinkerbell a while back.  Sometimes it’s nice to just kick back and enjoy a simple innocent story where you know everything will turn out all right in the end, a welcome respite from our busy, complicated and often highly stressful lives.  I was pleasantly surprised to find the movies are actually quite good and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying them whenever life gets to be too much for me and I need a dose of everything fairy tales have to offer.  They’re a balm for wounded souls, dealing with things like genuine friendship, camaraderie and treating one another with kindness; seeing the best in someone else and finding the confidence to be the very best version of you.  If you’re ever having a rough day, sit back and relax and let Disney take you back to the realm of childhood, refreshing your spirit and giving you strength and courage to face the challenges ahead of you.  Secret of the Wings is not the first in the series, but it is definitely my favorite.

When Tinkerbell finds herself being drawn towards the Winter Woods by an inexplicable force, she learns it is forbidden for a Warm Fairy to venture into Cold Fairy territory, and vice versa.  Curious Tink never lets little things like rules get in her way, and soon she’s off on an adventure that will gain her knowledge, some of it painful but mostly unbelievably wonderful.  Absolutely spectacular, this is my very favorite of the Tinkerbell movies thus far and certainly one of Disney’s best. A creative and complex plot with multiple twists I definitely did not see coming, this movie had real heart, humor, a surprising amount of bittersweet thwarted love and actually had something quite serious to say about a number of thorny subjects. Enjoyable for persons of any age, I happily got swept up in the story and was genuinely invested in all the very well executed characters. Gorgeous visuals and a great soundtrack make this aesthetically pleasing to watch while the plot appeals on an intellectual level as well as the signature Disney “feel good” quality. This is not just a trite children’s movie and had it been released in theaters, might just have won an Oscar. Easily a movie I would like to watch again, I give this a standing ovation and my highest recommendation. – BETHANY

For more on the talented cast and crew:

Tink investigates the border of the Winter Woods

Queen Clarion (Angelica Huston) and Lord Milori (Timothy Dalton)

Tink’s illicit visit to the Winter Woods

Queen Clarion imparts some difficult information.

Tink and Periwinkle

Tinkerbell is ecstatic to find The Library

Saying goodbye (This movie is a tearjerker – get out your Kleenex)

Photos courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures, Prana Animation Studios and DisneyToon Studios


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