She’s the Man

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Arachnophobic alert- the character of Malvolio is played by a tarantula. This may be the only thing you need to know about this movie in order to realize that ‘loosely based’ on Twelfth Night means there is a vague similarity at best. But as long as you’re not expecting anything approaching the level of Shakespeare’s genius, this isn’t a terrible movie. Of course it is wildly unbelievable and I spent most of the time cringing in horror and embarrassment on behalf of the characters, but if you like silly teenage slapstick comedy this definitely will appeal to you. All of the cast shamelessly overacts, hamming it up big time and my personal favorite moment was the hysterical reactions from Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum when ‘Malvolio’ walks across Tatum’s bare foot. This movie plays fast and loose not just with Shakespeare, but with reality itself. It’s a great pity they couldn’t find a real set of identical brother and sister twins to play Viola and Sebastian, because really, they’re not fooling anyone with their switcheroo act. These aren’t so much characters as they are parodies of humans, farcical people who behave in strange and ridiculous ways. It has its moments, but the film is not going to have broad appeal. If you think Saved by the Bell is the last word in romance and comedy, then have I ever got a movie for you! – BETHANY

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On left, Viola and her alter ego, Sebastian

Viola and a disappointing boyfriend

                                      Magic Mike!

“Sebastian” as just one of the guys.

Eeeech!  Having to be wingman as the guy you like hits on another girl while you’re dressed as a boy.

But having a girl hit on you while you’re dressed as a boy might be worse.

See the ‘Illyria’ logo on the jerseys?  One of the more obvious references to Twelfth Night.

Photos courtesy of Lakeshore Entertainment, Dreamworks SKG, Donners’ Company and Dreamworks Pictures


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