The Almighty Johnsons

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New Zealand brings us another great fantasy dramedy with lots of action, interesting plot lines and hilarious tongue-in-cheek humor. However, unlike the PG rated likes of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Legend of the Seeker, this show is most definitely for adults only. Expect lots of strong language, drug and alcohol use, violence and sexual situations – basically people behaving badly in all sorts of creative ways. Disclaimers aside, imagine the Norse gods grew tired of Scandinavia and relocated to New Zealand. Axl Johnson appears to be a relatively normal human, but on his 21st birthday he learns he and his brothers are each a reincarnate of a Viking deity. Hey, great birthday present, you might think, but it comes with a whole pile of complications, caveats, rules, and dangers from multiple quarters. Since they are gods in human form, their powers are somewhat less than awe-inspiring and it falls to Axl to take up the quest to restore them to their former glory. It seems New Zealand is absolutely littered with gods and goddesses of the Aesir, each with their own agenda and personal struggles, compounded by divine baggage. Despite being gods, these people are far from perfect, often irresponsible at best and reprehensible at worst, but watching them stumble and sometimes fall actually endeared them to me. The show seemed a bit slow at first but I soon became invested in the characters and got sucked in to the all the intrigue, subplots and romantic entanglements. There are some whopping twists, great lines and excellent character development, making this vastly entertaining if not terribly intellectually stimulating. I think of it as a somewhat guilty pleasure, full of empty calories but undeniably delicious. Season 2 is even better, with moral dilemmas, ethical conundrums and the addition of some very compelling personalities. – BETHANY

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The Johnsons – Anders, Axl, Ty and Mike

I wonder how many movies and TV shows have done a tableau of their characters modeled after da Vinci’s ‘The Last Supper’?

Axl has a run-in with a goddess and she’s not happy.

What, don’t you have a tree in your living room?

Is it a good idea to shoot arrows at the god of the hunt?

Dean O’Gormon as Anders Johnson. Oh, my bad, this is Fili in the appalling Hobbit movies.  He does make a good dwarf, though.

Ah, here we go.  Anders Johnson, or Bragi the god of poetry.  Anders shamelessly uses his power to sweet-talk anyone into doing just about anything.

Huh, looks like Ty (Jared Turner) lost a bet.  He’s Höðr, god of all things dark and cold.  He’s not a happy person.

Photos courtesy of South Pacific Pictures, All3Media International, Umbrella Entertainment and Syfy


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