A Beginner’s Guide to Endings

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“This is the story of a reversal of fortune.” Duke White, played by Harvey Keitel, has not been a good father to his five sons. He tells you all the ways in which he has failed his family during the opening of the movie and the list is quite the doozy. His sons are all messed up each in their own unique way but their father’s revelation serves as a wake up call for them. The shenanigans that ensue are absolutely hilarious, despite the somewhat dark premise of the movie. This isn’t meant to be believable, but rather a sort of modern fable. Despite all their misadventures, the Whites really do care about one another, which makes this movie a joy to watch rather than being a festival of pain and suffering. It’s a twisted, circuitous and extremely funny story of redemption, love and what’s really important in life. I’m being deliberately vague because it’s better if you don’t know many of the particulars going into the movie. I especially loved Tricia Helfer’s performance as Miranda, styled as a cross between a 40s pin-up girl and a biker chick, who may or may not have killed her previous three husbands. You can’t help but root for the White boys as they repeatedly stumble and fall, lurching steadily towards some sort of meaning in their lives. The story is oddly appealing, with its twisted humor and astonishing array of fortunate accidents. If you have a taste for the slightly bizarre but like a story to have some sort of satisfying resolution, I recommend you give this quirky indie a try. – BETHANY

To see what else these excellent actors have been in, visit: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1516002/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

Left to right:  Cal (Scott Caan), Nuts (Jason Jones) Cob (Paulo Costanzo) Todd (Siam Yu) and Juicebox (Jared Keeso) – The White boys, together again!

J.K. Simmons as Uncle Pal

No wait, don’t go, this movie really does have its good points.  (Scott Caan as Cal White, with an unfortunate tan)

Is this an epic mustache or what?  Jason Jones as Edward “Nuts” White Jr.

The trailer for this odd little film:

Photos courtesy of Darius Films and The Harold Greenberg Fund


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