Born Romantic

Born Romantic

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Set around a London Salsa club, this dreary story follows three unlucky-in-love pairs of potential couples, punctuated throughout by two cab drivers who have long philosophical discussions about love, sex and life in general.  I love Craig Ferguson and Olivia Williams but this lackluster movie was anything but romantic. I never could bring myself to care about any of the characters and the whole thing was oddly depressing. There were some funny bits and I liked the somewhat omniscient cab driver when he’d ferry various characters around London, but this just wasn’t my cup of tea. All three of the ladies involved said unequivocal no’s to the repeated advances of their swains and gentlemen, no means no. This movie would have you believe that if you just persevere and harass her long enough, she’ll give in and I have a real problem with that. I felt the storyline was rather poorly thought out and the characters underdeveloped. I generally love British comedy and cinema but this one struck a real sour note for me. Relentlessly awkward and off-putting, do not expect this to be a fun romantic comedy. If you like portraits of maladjusted people shuffling their way through life you’ll love it, but I had a hard time with the seedier aspects of the story. What a sad commentary on modern romance! – BETHANY

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Would you want to date these guys?

Olivia Williams as Eleanor

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