The Other Woman

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Nobody is claiming this movie is a masterpiece of cinema. It’s light fluff, a riff on girl power that will likely appeal more to women than to men. It’s hilarious to see Jaime Lannister (the actor’s character on Game of Thrones, in case you’ve been living under a rock) get his comeuppance at the hands of three wronged women and I’ll admit to guffawing out loud at the escapades ensuing after the ladies decide to band together rather than rip one another apart. This has a lot of the flavor of The First Wives Club, mostly a lighthearted look at the perils of marriage and dating in the modern world. I did find the first half of the movie to be a little slow, largely because of a great deal of exposition, but the second half more than made up for it. The dramatic denouement was absolutely priceless, staged perfectly. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau was peerless as the slimy philanderer and I’ll admit to watching the scene of his downfall multiple times.  So funny!

There are some serious things woven throughout the movie and it really was heartbreaking to watch Kate’s character (the one with an actual ring on her finger) come to terms with her new reality as well as Carly being disillusioned by yet another faux Prince Charming. It was refreshing and immensely satisfying to see women being proactive in their own lives, choosing to prop one another up instead of tearing each other down.  They placed the blame squarely where it belonged, on the cheating sleazeball, not on one another as women often regrettably do.  I’m not saying any one of these characters should be held up as a role model but I do applaud the general ethos of cooperation and sorority. More power to you, ladies! – BETHANY

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Carly (Cameron Diaz) and Mark King (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) up on Mark’s despicable behavior

One can find friends in the oddest places!

Our first look at the third woman, Amber (Kate Upton and her signature accoutrements)

Some of Carly’s fashionable wardrobe (image courtesy of

Mrs. Kate King (Leslie Mann) reacts poorly to learning her husband is cheating on her.

To sweet revenge, ladies!

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2 thoughts on “The Other Woman

  1. Well, it’s good to see that there are even ways to make a “chick flick” better 🙂 It’s very painful to watch movies that look like an episode of the Bachelor. I do really have to compliment you on your amazing use of tags. It’s also interesting that you posted this in the “black comedy” category. That has to be a redeeming feature as well.

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