The Pirate Fairy

The Pirate Fairy

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A very pleasant movie, although in my opinion not as complex and engaging as the previous Tinkerbell movie, Secret of the Wings which was phenomenal. It was a fun introduction of pirates to Pixie Hollow and Tom Hiddleston (Loki from the Marvel movies) shines as the voice of James Hook, a suave and enticingly nefarious character, although his mysterious ability to understand fairies when other people simply hear tinkly bells is never explained. The whole thing was sort of a broad wink to the audience, acknowledging all the little references to Peter Pan. The baby crocodile was the most adorable thing ever and I liked that Tinkerbell was not the only protagonist. Variety is always nice, so a fresh perspective is generally a good thing. Zarina (Christina Hendricks) was fun, more like Tinkerbell than either of them would like to admit, and I enjoyed learning more about pixie dust. I give this only five stars instead of six because the plot was a bit predictable and there was very little mystery as to how the story would end. The lyrics of the pirates’ song are brilliant, but the pirate characters themselves seemed a little flat. Cute and an excellent addition to the Tinkerbell series, this was good and certainly on par with the first two movies. It is this movie’s misfortune to follow the fourth Tinkerbell installment, Secret of the Wings, after which anything would pale in comparison. – BETHANY

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Zarina (the Pirate Fairy, of course)  Avast, ye poltroons!


Tink and Zarina experimenting with pixie dust.

Fairies throwing lots of magic around

Oh Tink, whatever shall we do?

A bit of foreshadowing for James Hook

Huh, he doesn’t look like a villain …

Photos courtesy of Prana Animation Studios, DisneyToon Studios, Prana Studios and Walt Disney Home Entertainment


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