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There has been much ado about this movie and while I enjoyed it, its Young Adult origins are quite obvious. There’s nothing wrong with the message about non-conformity but I found it to be just a tad simplistic. The underlying premise of this dystopian future Chicago is a little hard to swallow – who thinks it’s a great idea to pigeonhole each person based on a single characteristic? At least the system of government in The Hunger Games made sense in a Roman sort of way. Bread and circuses and the huge gulf dividing the wealthy elite in the Capitol from the downtrodden working classes in the 12 districts, etc. But other than my difficulties with the structure of their society I really did like the movie. I loved the sequences of Dauntless initiates doing increasingly wild and crazy stunts and the soundtrack was amazing. Kate Winslet is an ice queen, the super-slick leader of Erudite who obviously feels her faction is meant for greater things, but I’m not sure Shailene Woodley was right for the part of Tris as I had difficulty connecting with her character. Perhaps it’s the same problem Jennifer Lawrence had playing Katniss Everdeen, as much of the characterization in the book is of an internal nature and thus nearly impossible to film, but I think Lawrence managed to pull it off. Can I also just ask who thought it was a great idea to cast two actors who have played Shailene Woodley’s love interests in two other recent movies? Miles Teller in The Spectacular Now (2013) and Ansel Elgort in The Fault in Our Stars, (2014).  And to make it even worse in Divergent, now Elgort is supposed to be her brother and Teller is an antagonist. Awkward!  Did nobody think this through? I thought perhaps the books would be better but after reading all three, I was bitterly disappointed. Not only was the author in love with the word mammoth, and used it so many times it made me want to scream, but the story itself was just a mediocre blender of Hunger Games, Harry Potter and Gattaca, plus a little Nazi pride, with endless levels of conspiracies, revolutions and pointless ideologies, not to mention an extreme deficiency of logic. Juvenile drivel trying to be deep philosophy. *snore* – BETHANY

If you just know you’ve seen one of the faces in this movie somewhere before, look it up on IMDB:  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1840309/?ref_=nv_sr_1

                              Now if she only had the intelligence to use that gun …

I’ll bet he’ll regret getting those tattoos in 20 years.  They look hot now, but later?  Not so much.

I could post a bunch of other pictures with snarky comments, but I don’t think I can do better than this ‘Honest Trailer’ made by the Screen Junkies on YouTube.  It’s a trifle vulgar, but very funny.

And if you don’t mind spoilers or bleeped foul language, watch ‘Everything Wrong With Divergent in 18 minutes or Less’ – it’s long because there’s a LOT of stuff wrong with this movie:

Photos courtesy of Red Wagon Entertainment, Summit Entertainment and Lionsgate


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