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An interesting concept although I have a few major theological problems with the movie. Like many other films portraying a human taking on demonic forces, this one makes God look very weak and uncaring. Constantine himself refers to God as “a kid with an ant farm”. The idea that our world is the result of a running bet between God and the Devil is appalling. The movie also runs absolutely roughshod over the concept of human free will and espouses a very legalistic view of salvation. But belief issues aside, this does have a lot of very cool special effects, a great soundtrack and even a few priceless laughs. I loved the image of what you thought was just an average human suddenly revealed to be an angel protecting another person from a demon. If you’re afraid of creepy crawlies or have a weak stomach for gore and other assorted nastiness, best steer clear. Rachel Weisz gives an excellent performance and Keanu Reeves does what he does best: playing Keanu Reeves. This movie isn’t going to win any awards or critical acclaim, but it is entertaining. Be sure to watch the bonus scene at the end of the credits. – BETHANY

Keanu Reeves as John Constantine, an über-cynic who believes but has no faith.

Just another workaday exorcism

Not everyone is what they appear to be – that’s no glare in Tilda Swinton’s eyes

Angela Dodson, a confused and frightened LAPD Detective (Rachel Weisz), getting the 411 on John Constantine.

An uncomfortable interlude with a demon.

Speaking of demons, John pays a visit to hell.

So, not a convenience store clerk?

Photos courtesy of Village Roadshow Pictures, The Donners’ Company, Weed Road Pictures, Batfilm Productions, 3 Arts Entertainment, Roadshow Entertainment and Warner Bros. Pictures



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