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A kitschy pseudo-spy romp spiked with gratuitous lipstick lesbianism, this movie wisely doesn’t even try to be realistic. Really, the whole thing is just an excuse to put pretty girls in short plaid skirts, have them tote around guns and play at being teenage “spies”. D.E.B.S. stands for Discipline, Energy, Beauty and Strength, not exactly qualities I would say were necessary to make a decent operative but it does make a cute acronym as well as being the reason why all the girls look like models.  Each of them were found by a secret test embedded in the SAT that quietly flags girls suitable to join a paramilitary organization dedicated to using pretty young things to take down bad guys.  The movie has a comic book vibe to it, complete with somewhat vaudevillian stuff like a villain removing huge bags with dollar signs painted on them from a bank vault. It panders to every cliché in the book but in a satiric sort of way. This isn’t avant-garde cinema and is definitely not meant to be taken seriously. It’s light fluff entertainment that will probably appeal to some more than others. Although this might look a bit like Charlie’s Angels, it is in fact nowhere near as sophisticated and believe me, using the word ‘sophisticated’ in the same sentence with ‘Charlie’s Angels‘ might just have given some poor soul apoplexy. This is a ridiculous spoof of female crime fighting that winds up being more than a little demeaning to women in general. I gave it two stars because it isn’t terrible and does have some entertainment value but it is probably best to go into this with rather low expectations. – BETHANY

For anything else, consult:  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0367631/?ref_=nv_sr_1

The D.E.B.S. in “action”  See how they have cleverly concealed themselves behind this completely inadequate pillar to escape detection!

Photos courtesy of Samuel Goldwyn Films, Destination Films, Anonymous Content and Screen Gems


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