Hamlet 2

Hamlet 2

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A character summed up this movie perfectly when he said, “I am simultaneously horrified and fascinated.” In order for my review to have any sense of perspective, you should know I hold a degree in literature and creative writing, studied abroad in England and earned a very high level certification for piano performance from the Royal Schools of Music, signed by Her Majesty the Queen. I’ve gone through four passports, own approximately 10,000 books, am a strong Christian and political conservative. Taking all that into account, I really liked this bizarre and utterly unique movie that contrary to its title is not a sequel to Shakespeare’s Hamlet. It’s irreverent, gauche, raunchy, overtly racist and stereotypical, sacrilegious, offensive and wildly politically incorrect, but I enjoyed it in spite of all that or possibly because of it. Steve Coogan plays a pathetic, washed up actor working as a drama teacher whom, in an uncharacteristic moment of clarity says “My life is a parody of a tragedy.” The script is a satiric take on the “teacher who made a difference” and the “put on a show to save the arts program” sub-genres. Though I found it ridiculously funny and slyly shrewd, I recommend you approach this movie with extreme caution. It’s not going to appeal to a wide audience and no doubt some viewers will absolutely hate it. Cloaked under all that appalling language, vulgarity and seemingly disrespectful religious content, I found something surprisingly profound that spoke to me on many levels and I’m glad I gave this very strange film a chance. – BETHANY

For more on this cockamamie movie, visit: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1104733/?ref_=nv_sr_1

          Oops, wrong Hamlet  (wikipedia.org)

Nope, still the wrong Hamlet.  But there is a play in this one!  (zazzle.com)

Believe it or not, this is the right Hamlet.  A still from the performance itself.

Dana Marschz (Steve Coogan) and his wife Brie, who has the biggest margarita I’ve ever seen (she needs it).

Skylar Astin and Phoebe Strole as preppy Rand and Epiphany (not kidding)

Dana with a sympathetic Elisabeth Shue (she plays herself)

Amy Poehler as lawyer Cricket, inevitably drawn to the controversy surrounding the offensive and by now quite notorious show.

Photos courtesy of L+E Pictures, Bona Fide Productions, ContentFilm International and Focus Features


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