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I tend to approach legal dramas with extreme caution as they generally become political, obsessed with who’s hooking up with who, or overtly preachy. This one is a breath of fresh air, a completely character-driven show that focuses much more on the people involved instead of getting bogged down in technical legalese. This is the world of corporate law and high finance in New York and Harvey Specter is the best of the best. A suave, charismatic and diabolically clever attorney who is equally stunned and fascinated when a young man accidentally stumbles into a job interview while transporting a suitcase full of weed forced on him by his skeevy roommate. Mike Ross, a brilliant erstwhile law student with an eidetic memory, has had an interesting career path. Kicked out of college for selling test answers, he now works as a bike messenger. Harvey is so impressed by Mike that he hires him on the spot, despite the deficit of official credentials. Hiding this fact from others is a continuing theme through the series and serves as an ever present Sword of Damocles hanging over Mike’s head. There’s a wide range of characters at the law firm like Donna, Harvey’s uncannily prescient secretary, and Louis Litt, a somewhat unpleasant junior partner with a highly suspicious mind and a grudge against the whole world. The stories evolve organically and are often side-splittingly funny, full of elegant banter and witty repartee. I’ve got to give credit to the wardrobe department as most everyone, particularly Donna and powerful name partner Jessica Pearson, look like they just stepped off the classiest fashion runway in the world. Always inventive, never boring and highly entertaining, I absolutely love this show and have been thoroughly invested since the very first episode. I care deeply for the beautifully rounded characters, which in my opinion is a hallmark of truly great television. – BETHANY

Evidently the fashion world is paying attention to this TV show, with many sites dedicated to either the men’s titular suits or the ladies runway-ready wardrobes, or in some cases both.  Check out this blog about the girls and their incredible clothes:

Jessica Pearson is definitely a fashion icon.  Here are a few of some of her more memorable looks.

But Jessica isn’t the only one dressed to the nines.  Observe Donna, below.

Donna, Harvey’s Executive Assistant

This picture cracked me up, so I had to include it.  It makes everyone look like brooding psychopaths, except Rachel in the middle, who just appears lost.

Photos courtesy of Universal Cable and NBC Universal

Universal Cable



6 thoughts on “Suits

    1. Apparently high powered attorneys in New York stock their wardrobes with clothing taken straight from the fashion runways. I’ll admit sometimes I think the outfits chosen by the ladies are a tad over the top and look ever so slightly ridiculous, but the show itself is amazing regardless of what the characters are wearing. I’ll bet you’d really like the show.

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      1. Some of the outfits that one lady wears (with all the folds in the front) just seem like a perfect place for food, crumbs, and ketchup to collect. Hope she wears sometime of protective garment when she eats! I will have to find this show. Never even heard of it! I am doomed to watching Family Guy and Big Bang Theory(my sons’ favorites) or How It Is Made, or Airplane Disasters (my husband’s favorites).

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  1. Suits runs on the USA network and is available to stream from the very first season on Netflix. Perhaps after my reviews I should include information on where to watch the show or movie. What do you think? Concerning some of the more out there outfits, you’re absolutely right. They’re extremely impractical and some of them, if I dare admit this online, make me snicker just a little bit. But avant garde fashion isn’t meant to have mass appeal and I applaud anyone who is comfortable enough in their own skin to wear what they like.


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