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For one of those “found” footage type movies, this wasn’t half bad. I watched it on my own but have a feeling it would have been more fun if I’d watched it with a group of friends. That way you can heckle when a character does something stupid, predict exactly what is going to happen next and take bets on whom, if anyone, is going to survive. The members of the expedition are caricatures at best, clichés at worst, with each one readily summed up in a single sentence. The uptight arrogant British adventurer who can’t decide whether to be Indiana Jones or Lord Roxton but in either case is mostly an absentee parent to a teenage son. The second in command who claims to do all the hard work while his boss poses for pictures, gets all the publicity and takes all the credit. A budget teenage version of Josh Hutcherson who craves his father’s attention and is inexplicably good with cameras and electronics. The token “hot girl” fresh out of medical school chosen for unknown reasons but probably because the expedition couldn’t afford a real doctor. The local guide who knows way more than she’s telling and keeps saying blindingly obvious things like “it’s not safe here”.   There are a ton of plot holes in this movie, although that should already be patently obvious, what with the premise being a science team infiltrating darkest of Africa to search for mysterious creatures described by locals as dinosaurs when Oh no, their helicopter crashes.  Why would any reputable expedition going to the heart of the Congo set out without proper provisions like multiple means of communication and, I don’t know, weapons? This goes double if you’re actually hunting dinosaurs, but nobody watches movies like this because they’re full of common sense. Good CGI, imaginative creatures and lots of conveniently placed cameras.  It is important to note that whoever dreamed up the poster allowed hyperbole and imagination run amok to get the best of them, as the movie is nowhere near that exciting.  A little (OK, a lot) silly and certainly predictable, but worth a decent two stars. – BETHANY

If you care to learn more about this movie, be my guest:

        Naturally the kid befriends a little dinosaur.

In all fairness “Crypto” is rather cute.

What the ding is this?  Some nasty goblin/bat-osaurus?

Photos courtesy of Moonlighting Films, Kent Films, LoveFilm, Anton Capital Entertainment, Dinosaur Productions and StudioCanal


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