Dinosaur Revolution

Bad To The Bone – their tag line, not mine

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This is the sort of thing you’d get if the makers of all those Land Before Time movies decided to make a “live” dinosaur miniseries. I’ve got nothing against animation in general and quite enjoy it, but this purports to be a scientific film based on real academics. Walking with Dinosaurs (The BBC show, not the terrible 2013 movie) was amazing and it did well balancing known paleontological facts with valid extrapolation. This one seemed to be largely composed of speculation and the little stories were highly sentimental. Someone (it was an anonymous post, so I don’t know who) said it was dinosaurs being Disney-fied, and while I don’t totally agree (Disney would never have a headless corpse running around before comically collapsing), I get their drift. All the CGI dinosaurs have been grossly anthropomorphized, giving them human emotions and personalities as well as adorable faces and eyes. Some of it felt as though it’d been written as a slapstick comedy routine and there was a lot of moralizing totally inappropriate for a serious documentary-style feature. For example, a predator learning his lesson about being nice to others, then having the point rammed home by a little friend coming to his rescue when he needed help.  Next, former enemies declaring a truce because the one-time aggressor saved the other dinosaur’s baby. The CGI wasn’t great but I could have forgiven that. This was just so relentlessly cutesy with little substance to back it up and that I cannot abide. – BETHANY

                              The watering hole bully and his little avian friend.https://i1.wp.com/i.ytimg.com/vi/5WZwqgKi70Y/maxresdefault.jpgIsn’t he just the sweetest little killing machine?

Dinosaur Singing Competitions

Aw, a big dinosaur looking placidly on as little adorable proto-mammals make their escape.

                           Egad, did you see that ridiculous dinosaur pictured below me that looks like a box of crayons exploded all over its animation cell?

It’s unwise to wake up this incredibly grumpy guy.

  Oh Mama Scary Killing Machine, I just wuv you!

Photos courtesy of Creative Differences, Mokko, Sauce FX, Hawaii Animation Studios, Kinkajou, Discovery Channel and Science Channel


2 thoughts on “Dinosaur Revolution

  1. In general, I think the Discovery channel still airs some great stuff, but this was not a good example. The same show has also been re-packaged several times and released under different names. I started watching a dinosaur show and thought, wait a second, I’ve seen this before. Tacky move!


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