Walking with Dinosaurs

Walking with Dinosaurs

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Where to even begin with this mess of a movie! Grossly inaccurate, highly sentimental and full of pseudo-educational drivel, this is scientifically flawed and to add insult to injury, not even particularly entertaining. I wouldn’t have minded the heavily anthropomorphized dinosaurs, the somewhat inane plot or even John Leguizamo’s avian character Alex and his tediously relentless smart aleck narration, but this was pedantic in the extreme and will seem insultingly condescending to even the youngest of viewers. There is an overdose of applying human mores and conventions to the world of the dinosaurs, such as having the nerdy but plucky guy win in the end and a host of other things that fly straight in the face of the actual laws of nature.  The juxtaposition of the silly story and the freeze frames to identify each type of dinosaur was jarring and only served to cast a very slight veneer of “science”. The official names and descriptions of dinosaurs shown would have been better suited to an interactive feature on the DVD. The educational aspect was severely undermined by portraying Cretaceous Alaska largely as it appears now. According to the fossil record, the climate was much different then with no ice at the poles, warmer temperatures, high levels of rainfall and more tropical vegetation. I can understand a little creative license but not if the film purports to teach the audience about the real Cretaceous world. Your time would be better spent watching the original BBC Walking with Dinosaurs miniseries which plays like a nature show but with incredibly detailed CGI dinosaurs. This movie tries to combine the entertainment value of, say, The Land Before Time films with credible paleontology and fails miserably on both counts. – BETHANY

If for some inexplicable reason you want more information on this film, such as who disgraced themselves by being part of it, visit IMDB at http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1762399/?ref_=nv_sr_1

Sub-tropical Cretaceous Alaska(?)

Patchi and Alex

                                             Aw, it’s like a postcard picture.

Photos courtesy of Reliance Entertainment, BBC Earth, Evergreen Films and 20th Century Fox



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