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I generally like disaster movies, but this one had more plot holes than a 50 pound wheel of Swiss cheese. Each one was so obvious that I kept being continually yanked out of my suspension of disbelief, making it very difficult to enjoy the movie. I don’t mind that the solution in every disaster movie seems to involve nuclear bombs (asteroid heading for earth? Blow it up with a bomb. Volcano erupting? Cork it with a bomb. Earthquake imminent? Fuse the tectonic plates with a bomb.), but Impact committed the cardinal sin of assuming the audience was full of idiots. There are some movies (Syfy channel, I’m looking at you) that are so very bad that they’re enjoyable on a funny level. This one wasn’t bad enough to be included in their number because in all fairness the acting was quite good. There were some good special effects with the moon, but it’s obvious they spent their entire budget on them with none left over for anything else, such as scientific advisers. A huge tanker ship floats out of the water when gravity evidently is in “flux”, which looks good but what is keeping the water from floating up as well? They spend a lot of time illustrating the catastrophic damage inflicted by the moon’s near orbit but then for 20 odd days while they’re planning a space mission all the chaos conveniently stops, because hey, they’re working here! Since the moon is getting closer with every orbit, wouldn’t that imply the devastation would get correspondingly worse with each passing day? Perhaps one problem was the movie was just so exceedingly long (over 3 hours!), which gave my brain time to think [I’ve since learned this was originally a TV mini-series, so the length can be forgiven]. The concept of a Near Earth Object hitting the moon was good, but the script misses the boat on how it would really affect our planet. There’s three hours of my time I won’t see again, unless the next disaster movie I see involves reversing the polarity of the space time continuum. – BETHANY

For help redeeming these actors by seeing what else they’ve been in, see the Internet Movie Database:

Roland Emerson (Benjamin Sadler), Dr. Maddie Rhodes (Natasha Henstridge), and Alex Kittner (David James Elliott) whose roles in this film are described as “leading scientists”.

Impact The aftermath of gravitational “flux”

Impact Lloyd (James Cromwell), his grandkids and Alex stare up at the sky.

                             “These numbers can’t possibly be right!  It says this movie is scientific garbage?”

                                    The surface of the Moon.  Really!  Given the stunning levels of authenticity achieved in all other aspects of this production, you think they’d film it in some gravel quarry and call it good?  [In case you couldn’t tell, this is sarcasm]

Impact Yup, the solution is always a bomb.

Photos courtesy of Impact Films, Tandem Communications and Super Channel

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