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Ridiculous fun, I discovered this sci-fi adventure show on this site and proceeded to binge watch all five seasons. The premise is simple, with “anomalies” opening up around England, serving as doorways to Earth both past and future. But the long-term ramifications are incredibly complex, making this about much more than dinosaurs causing mayhem in the modern world. Brilliantly creative while also being quietly educational, I absolutely fell in love with the show and its oddball array of characters. Funny, clever, thought-provoking and incredibly entertaining, every episode was a must-not-miss thrill ride, beautifully balancing the “anomaly of the week” with long story arcs that slowly develop over time. Characters come and go, often in gut-wrenching ways, but everything feels organic rather than done just for shock value. Gorgeous special effects and imaginative creatures underpinned by solid science, the show was also incredibly funny in that dry British way I love so much. I’ve got to acknowledge an underrated actor (Ben Miller) playing the often-overlooked character of James Lester, admittedly a bit of a stuffed shirt bureaucrat who’d pretty much rather die than let you know he cares, but who also exemplifies the quintessential unflappable Brit in a natty suit, always quick with a scathing witticism delivered with impeccable timing. My only complaint is that there weren’t more seasons (there were at least five though), but hopefully the continuing popularity of the original Primeval online will spark the interest of another network.  There was a short lived Canadian version entitled Primeval: New World, but it didn’t hold a candle to this one and was cancelled quickly.  – BETHANY

To help sort out the characters, actors and various whatnots comprising this show, consult IMDB:                                                                                                                     and this rather brilliant Wiki site:

Behold an anomaly, which looks much cooler in the show, as all the glass-like shards spin.  Two things NOT to do with anomalies.  #1 If one of these opens up in your London flat and you don’t know what it is, maybe don’t go through it?

And #2  Don’t get between a huge dinosaur and the anomaly, which is its way home.  It never turns out well.

           Abby Maitland (Hannah Spearritt) and Rex, a coelurosauravus who didn’t want to go back to his Permian home.

                           Abby, Connor Temple (Andrew Lee Potts) and a rambunctious pair of Diictodons named Sid and Nancy.

                               Why, hello Mr. Giganotosaurus.  Is this your piece of the tarmac?  Then I’ll be moving along then.  Immediately.

                 Stephen Hart (James Murray) and a Gorgonopsid.  Note the amusing juxtaposition between the horrific creature and the cutesy mural behind it.

                        Terror birds take on Danny Quinn (Jason Flemyng).  Don’t worry, they’ll wish they hadn’t.

                                      A medieval knight (Tony Curran) slaying a Dracorex, which naturally must needs be a dragon.  The poor thing is a gentle herbivore, but when it looks like that, how was he to know?

Velociraptors show up in a thankfully closed for the night mall when an anomaly opens in a bowling alley.

A Smilodon roams around an amusement park.  What could possibly go wrong?

                             Yup, these things happened.  I won’t even bother telling you what they are because it is unimportant.  How the people working in the office building reacted was the fun part.

A Columbian Mammoth loose on the M25 motorway.

James Lester (Ben Miller), a representative of the Home Office, a ministerial department of the government that handles threats, among other things.

Abby, Connor, Professor Nick Cutter (Douglas Henshall) and Stephen, facing aquatic mammals from the future.

Lady Emily Merchant (Ruth Bradley) and excessively nasty husband, Lord Merchant (Stephen Hogan).  When an anomaly opens up to Victorian London, the team discusses whether to lock it for security purposes.  Connor speaks up, inquiring what they think will come through, “Oliver Twist-osaurus”?

Photos courtesy of ITV Studios, ProSieben, Impossible Pictures, Treasure Entertainment, M6 Films, Watch and BBC Worldwide


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