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My first thought when I saw this show was “Sir Ian McKellen in a British sitcom? Sign me up!” However, I quickly learned that this wasn’t your average sitcom but instead what you’d get if Frasier and Niles Crane hadn’t been brothers but instead gay life partners, set when both of them were white haired old men. I’ll admit it’s funny to see McKellen hamming it up as Freddie and Derek Jacobi does a great job as his long-suffering partner, Stuart, who has yet to tell his mother he’s gay despite living with Freddie for 40+ years. I suppose I should have gotten a clue from the show’s title, but the antagonistic relationship between the two of them as they constantly snipe at one another is a bit wearing, and yes, quite vicious. There’s plenty of humor and beautifully worded repartee, but I do hope the writers flesh out the characters instead of them being just stereotypical clichés. If the show turns out to be nothing but predictable gay humor, then not even the great Sir Ian will keep me watching. I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt for now. [Addendum: I’ve now seen the entirety of the first season and can honestly say the show does achieve a measure of balance. It’s hilarious to see Freddie and Stuart close ranks when someone else dares to insult one of them (they prefer to do that themselves) and Violet and Ash have been developed nicely.] – BETHANY

For more information on this impressive cast, visit IMDB:                  Freddie (Sir Ian McKellen) and Stuart (Derek Jacobi)

  The plot thickens (obviously).

Freddie being smug and condescending, so completely in character.

                 Violet (Frances de la Tour) no doubt hitting on somewhat clueless neighbor Ash (Iwan Rheon).

Freddie no doubt hitting on Ash, or expounding on some subject.  Both are probable.

Photos courtesy of Brown Eyed Boy, Kudos Productions, ITV and PBS


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