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Continuum is a smart savvy show not surprisingly about time travel. It’s also an incisive commentary on the slow loss of privacy and civil liberties that could happen if corporations supplant the government in the future. A “Corporate Congress” sounds laughable but the issues and ethics addressed by this show are anything but funny. The movie Avatar showed us what corporations can become without restriction or government oversight and this clever show takes that notion a step further while adding the sci-fi twist of time travel. Keira Cameron, a sort of cop called a Protector in the year 2077, is on duty at the execution of a group of anti-corporate terrorists from an organization called Liber8. But events take a bizarre turn when the prisoners activate a time travel device, sending them and Keira back to present day Vancouver.

The tag line of the show is ‘Change the Past to Control the Future’ and that’s just what Liber8 wants to do. The world Keira comes from looks peaceful and secure but it’s a technology-reliant dystopian police state where every aspect of your life is controlled by the government and free thought is an act of treason. Keira is desperate to get back home to her husband and son but in order for her future to remain extant she must stop Liber8 from changing the past. She teams up with young Alec Sadler, a techno-wiz destined to become a powerful tycoon in the future, who helps her try to thwart Liber8’s plans. A delicious conundrum with ambiguity muddling everything to the point that it’s truly unclear if any faction is actually in the right. The writers ask great questions and draw attention to the long term repercussions and implications of advancing technology. With plots, subplots, paradoxes and mysteries everywhere, this is a complicated show but definitely worth your time. I’ve seen three seasons thus far and it just keeps getting better, with a bombshell at the end of season 3 that has me salivating for season 4. – BETHANY

For more on this conundrum of Continuum, consult:

Keira Cameron (Rachel Nicols) and her City Protective Services future tech and cybernetic enhancements.  Her gun has a nifty trick:

When everything went kerflooey at the Liber8 execution.

      Keira and her Vancouver PD partner Detective Carlos Fonnegra (Victor Webster)

Alec Sadler (Erik Knudsen)-  Yeah, looks like a nerd to me.

Liber8 logo that’s popping up all over Vancouver

Peaceful protestors they’re not

Figures Liber8 would be into weed …

Erstwhile Liber8 member Matthew Kellog (Stephen Lobo), intent on manipulating the present with his knowledge of the future to garner money and power.

Tahmoh Penikett playing double-talking politician Jim Martin.  (Image found at  A fan reference to Penikett’s time on Battlestar Galactica.

Photos courtesy of Reunion Pictures, Boy Meets Girl Film Company, Shaw Media, GK-tv and Syfy (unless otherwise noted)


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  1. I wish I could contribute more to the conversation but I don’t watch any TV. Your writing is great though and I think you do a nice job of inviting readers to learn more. Keep it up!

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