The Water Horse

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Enchanting and imaginative, I’ve seen this delightful movie several times. Very much in the spirit of children’s classics like ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ and ‘Alice in Wonderland’, this film breathes new life into Celtic legend. Set at the height of World War II in Scotland, aquaphobic young Angus MacMorrow finds something curious in a tide pool. And thus begins a wild ride of pure magic and heart, intercut with the tension and tragedy of the times. Alex Etel gives a beautiful performance as Angus, a boy who desperately misses his father who has vanished in the war. Emily Watson’s performance will break your heart as his mother, a woman struggling to be strong and raise two children alone while managing a Scottish lord’s estate. The story is complicated by the arrival of a regiment of soldiers assigned to defend the coast against U-boat incursion. Like in any respectable children’s story, most of the adults are unbelievably stupid and cause no end of trouble for Angus, complete with an annoying bulldog named Churchill (named no doubt in dubious honor of the Prime Minister). Very well done visuals and cinematography, and my special compliments on the wonderful swimming sequence under the Loch. This film sparkles and is sure to entertain persons of any age with a tale that speaks to the innocence and boundless imagination of childhood. A beautiful movie all around with a subject that is far from trite and a story that is sure to inspire and enthrall. – BETHANY

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                                          Angus and his tide pool prize.

        Emily Watson as Anne MacMorrow with Angus (Alex Etel).

Meet Crusoe, named after one of Angus’ favorite books.

We’re going to need a bigger bucket.

           Is this little guy cute or what?

Ben Chaplin as Lewis Mowbray, a handyman surprisingly well versed in Celtic legend.

Crusoe does not get on well with Churchill.

Alex and his sister Kirstie (Priyanka Xi) struggle to keep Crusoe a secret –

– which is difficult with an entire regiment of Royal Artillery troops littering the premises.  Captain Thomas Hamiltion (David Morrissey).

Crusoe is getting big.

Very big!

A boy and his Water Horse.

Up for a swim in the Loch?

Water Horse taxis bring you right back to the dock.

At this point, everyone in the theater gave a collective sigh.

The trailer, which shows the great swimming scene:

Photos courtesy of Revolution Studios, Walden Media, Beacon Pictures, Ecosse Films, Strike Entertainment, Weta Workshop and Columbia TriStar


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