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“This is the cut-throat story of greed, blackmail, sex and butter.”  At least, that’s what Jennifer Garner’s character Lara Pickler says at the beginning of the movie. It is also a portrait of what liberals think conservatives are: petty small-minded racist people obsessed with money and traditional (i.e. no longer relevant) values. This movie embraced pretty much every cliché about Republicans that Democrats constantly try to peddle as truth and thus ruined what could otherwise have been an enjoyable if somewhat quirky story about the world of competitive butter sculpture (apparently there is such a thing). I nearly threw up within the first few minutes of the movie and only stuck it out to the end in the vain hope that there might be at least something redeeming eventually. Ideology aside, there were some good performances which is why this movie merited at least a single star. Olivie Wilde was entertaining as a stripper/hooker although I felt her use of the c-word went beyond the pale. Alicia Silverstone’s character did better, referring to the same character as a “two bit trophy wife”. Bob Corddry gives a performance that could melt frozen butter bonding with Yara Shahidi’s Destiny, who also did an admirable job. But my favorite has to be Hugh Jackman in an amusingly over-the-top role, even if it beggars the imagination to have a man who appears to be largely illiterate able to run a successful business. However, the pernicious political agenda ruined this movie for me and the only really enjoyable bit was the blooper reel during the end credits. – BETHANY

For more on Butter, visit: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1349451/?ref_=nv_sr_3

Front row, left to right:  Ashley Green, Ty Burrell and Jennifer Garner as the Picklers.  Olivia Wilde is in the back row.

Sickeningly perfect Ethan and Jill Emmet (Rob Corddry and Alicia Silverstone).

Conniving image-obsessed Lara Pickler with daughter Kaitlin and husband Bob.

      Yara Shahidi as Destiny and her unlikely friend Brooke (Olivia Wilde).

Enthusiastic if untalented super fan, Carol-Ann Stevenson (Kristen Schaal).

Car salesman and extreme dim bulb Boyd Bolton (Hugh Jackman).

                                   In case you can’t read the title of the giant book she’s reading, it’s You Too Can Be An Artist.

If you watch the trailer, you will have seen the best parts of the movie:

The blooper reel is also funny, if a tad off-color:

Photos courtesy of Michael De Luca Productions, Vandalia Films and The Weinstein Company


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