Sexy Evil Genius

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I can just imagine the pitch meeting for this movie: “A bunch of people meet up in a bar at the behest of an ex they find they all have in common and talk for an evening.” It doesn’t sound like much, as the vast majority of the movie really is just people sitting around a table in a bar, talking to one another with occasional flashbacks to lend perspective. But the genius of this film is that the dialogue has to carry absolutely everything (because that’s all there is) and does so with nothing more than a slowly unfolding but incredibly complex and multi-layered conversation. It’s absolutely necessary that you go into this movie with as little information as possible, so I’m going to be deliberately vague. Katee Sackhoff is the sexy evil genius, a rather unusual role for her but she plays the femme fatale very, very well. “Nikki doesn’t steal hearts, she eats them.” She’s good at playing twisted, intricate and complicated characters (Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica springs to mind), but this one is off the charts complicated with a twist of pathologically equivocating non compos mentis. Seth Green is amazing as the first comer, Michelle Trachtenberg will break your heart with her broken innocence, Harold Perrineau (a very underrated actor in my opinion) is spot on as a jazz musician with all its attendant qualities and I was shocked at how well William Baldwin did. This movie hinges on the performances of just five actors but never stutters, never falters and keeps you riveted until the credits roll. A dark comedic thriller to be sure, but the “action” is all in the words, the expressions and unexpected twists, beautifully carried by five perfectly rounded characters with rich backstories. It does earn its R rating for some adult content, language and the occasional murder, but it flows seamlessly and everything in it is included for a reason.  Saliently fine tuned, sardonic, spare and diabolically clever, there’s not one single word more than there needs to be. Unbelievably good, I’ve never seen anything like it and I loved every second of it. – BETHANY

For more on this fantastically sophisticated psychological thrill ride, visit:

Michelle Trachtenberg as Miranda Prague. with Seth Green as Zachary Newman, a somewhat nerdy salesman.  Both these actors starred in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but not during the same seasons.

Third player in this drama at a seedy dive bar, cool cat jazz musician Marvin Coolidge (Harold Perrineau).

The sexy evil genius herself, Katee Sackhoff as Nikki Franklyn. any good conversation, it has tonal ups and downs.

The trio listen in disbelief as Nikki spins another story.

Katee Sackhoff as Nikki, William Baldwin as attorney Bert Mayfaire and Marvin.

How Bert and Nikki met – with her in jail for killing a previous boyfriend and him as her defense attorney.  Such a meet cute!

Miranda in the surprisingly nice ladies’ room for such a hole-in-the-wall bar.

The trailer for this insanely twisted drama, which won’t tell you any more than I’ve already done so here:

Photos courtesy of Launchpad Productions, Piller / Segan / Shepherd, Sobini Films Distributors and Lionsgate


2 thoughts on “Sexy Evil Genius

  1. I hadn’t heard of it either but found it completely by chance. And what a serendipitous find it was! Netflix has it and the whole thing is on YouTube as well. Not sure if the latter is legal, but I did see it there.


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