That Awkward Moment

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After reading some of the reviews posted online, I went into this movie with rather low expectations. That may just be the best way to approach this film because as a result, I actually liked it. This has been described as a “bromance” and it’s accurate. The core of the story is about 3 guys and their friendships with one another. Full of rapid-fire banter, quips galore and a plethora of appalling language, not to mention quite a bit of scatological humor, this might not appeal to a wide audience. I thought there were way too many f-bombs and felt they were included only to secure an R rating. The plot is relatively simple but provides a good insider’s look at how men think about love, sex and friendship. I get that men have a hard time talking about their feelings, so they show their affection for one another by exchanging insults and the script capitalizes on that. Calling this a rom-com buddy movie makes it sound quite banal, but if you pay attention there’s quite a lot of deeper stuff going on. It’s not meant to be groundbreaking avant-garde cinema but neither is it purely fluff. I thought it was wacky, funny, oddly moving, enlightening and enjoyable to watch. There were some truly very awkward moments all throughout the film which were hilarious, and I really liked Jason’s (Zac Efron) narration. Making a romantic comedy designed to appeal to men is risky and the results won’t please everyone, but I’m glad someone took a chance and produced this movie. I found this to be engaging and amusing, upbeat and hopeful and while it isn’t a masterpiece, it did entertain and isn’t that really the whole point? – BETHANY

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Or visit the official website for the movie:  That Awkward Moment Website

Daniel (Miles Teller), Mikey (Michael B. Jordan) and Jason (Zac Efron).

Ellie, played by Imogen Poots.

Miles Teller as Daniel with Mackenzie Davis as Chelsea.

                   Ellie Andrews (Imogen Poots) and Jason (Zac Efron).  “I was going to make you wait, and then I realized I’m a dude.”

[Insert your favorite snarky Miles Teller quote here]

Mmmmm, Mikey can take his shirt off for me any time!   (Michael B. Jordan)

Daniel (Miles Teller).  “Yeah, everybody knows you can’t call a girl a hooker. Even hookers hate being called hookers.”

(image found on Pinterest)

This might be the picture of the greatest guy in the world.  Good-looking, sensitive to bruised feelings plus he brought ice cream and booze.  A keeper for sure!

(image found at


The official trailer for That Awkward Moment:


And of course, the gag reel:


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Note:  Quotes put with pictures that do not necessarily depict the moment in the movie where the line is actually said.









One thought on “That Awkward Moment

  1. I actually enjoyed this movie as well. It was light-hearted. I don’t appreciate “F” bombs either, I don’t understand why so much of the dialogue in movies has to have swear words. It is very distracting and unappealing!!!

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