Veritas, Prince of Truth

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Oh dear, this is not good, just not good at all. With a trite and very simplistic (and unoriginal) plot, zero character development and underwhelming dialogue, this film definitely did not appeal to me. It was super corny and cheesy which was disappointing, as I really like Sean Patrick Flannery as an actor, most well known for The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones, the Boondock Saints movies, a stint on Stargate SG-1, playing Greg Stillson on The Dead Zone  and playing King Arthur in the TV movie Guinevere. The idea of having a super hero from a comic come to our world isn’t terrible on its own, but there seemed to be some glaring character inconsistencies with Veritas. He wobbles back and forth between noble warrior and dopey man-child with ADD, doing totally clueless things that made absolutely no sense and in general acting either like an idiot child or a stalwart hero getting down to business.  It undermined his credibility and I found it less than endearing. Kate Walsh was a bit ridiculous, playing possibly the most one-dimensional villain of all time, Nemesii, who’s the antagonist because of her name, she’s green and her eye’s glow.

I can see there is some value in this movie’s message about the importance of truth (which this world has in short supply), but the whole thing seemed geared more towards an audience of ten year old boys. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it does mean that I found very little of this movie to be enjoyable. It was fun seeing a very young Tyler Posey who even at this age can still act quite well.  Movies for children do not need to be this clichéd or inane. This one failed to have any weight or depth to the story and I never became emotionally invested in any of the characters. Such a pity, because I really wanted to like this movie. There just wasn’t anything of substance there for me, just asinine banal scenes after scenes  Veritas, Prince of Truth makes an old episode of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys  (a show I absolutely loved for its cheesy heroics) look like Emmy award-winning drama in comparison. – BETHANY

For more on this movie, visit: Veritas, Prince of Truth IMDB

     Amy Jo Johnson as Marty Williams with Tyler Posey as Mouse and Bret Loehr as Kern Williams.  No word on the parrot’s name, but it’s an Amazon of some sort.

        Mouse ( Tyler Posey) grouses with Kern (no relation to Worf, unfortunately, Bret Loehr).

A little hocus pocus with Mouse, Kern and Marty (Amy Jo Johnson).

                    Veritas himself appears, played by ( Sean Patrick Flanery).

                                                                          Not exactly inconspicuous, what with the wings and the glowing eyes when someone says a lie.  Are you thinking what I’m thinking?


                                                Nobody would ever recognize you now, Bret Michaels, er, Veritas!

           Just one of the guys.

Veritas Horse Healing                                                                           He’s handy to have around when a racehorse needs help.

Pictured on far right: Raymond (Danny Strong from Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

‘Real life isn’t at all what I expected’ cliché.


      Nemesii, not coincidentally wearing green.                                                 Nemesii vs. Veritas

Nemesii goes full on comic mode (Kate Walsh)

Trailer for Veritas, Prince of Truth:


Kate Walsh’s bits as Nemesii (no spoilers):


Photos courtesy of La Panza Producciones, Twelfth Night Entertainment, Vivendi Entertainment and Lightyear Entertainment


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