The Chronicles of Riddick

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This is one of the most wicked cool and visually stunning movies I’ve had the privilege to see in a very long time. I went into it expecting it to be in the same vein as Pitch Black, which to be honest was more of a horror/adventure movie with a bunch of good scares. This one was epic, huge and gloriously complex, so multi-faceted that I had to watch it twice to really understand what was going on. Riddick is still the laconic bad ass anti-hero he was in the first film but here the universe has expanded around him, spanning a galaxy and featuring one of the creepiest religion-based militaristic zealots ever. It was a real treat for me to watch a movie where every little detail of the plot isn’t spoon fed to you, where the world building is so fully realized and rich but then the camera just pans past it without ever addressing what you just saw.  The story is fantastically complex, with Riddick being the fulcrum in an ongoing war between the free peoples of the galaxy and the Necromongers, who espouse the ‘join us or die’ philosophy.  There’s some really interesting stuff about who Riddick is and where he comes from, but anything else I could say about it would be a spoiler in some way.

Gorgeous sets, divinely detailed locations, intricate costumes, astounding cinematography, wildly creative CGI and a riveting soundtrack, every shot was pure poetry in motion. And can I just say, what an amazing pool of acting talent! Judi Dench, Karl Urban and Thandie Newton, all in very unusual roles for them but each extremely well done. The ladies in The Chronicles of Riddick are all very attractive, to be sure, but they aren’t just decoration.  They are incredibly powerful each in their own manner, some more overt about it than others.  The design of the Necromonger culture is well thought out, their fashion and architecture subtly underscoring their beliefs. Superlative in every conceivable way, this movie is a die-hard fantasy and science fiction lover’s dream and I promptly added it to my DVD library. – BETHANY

Recognize a face in this movie and can’t think where you’ve seen it before?  Before your brain explodes, visit the Internet Movie Database and find out.

                          Planet Helion Prime.

Riddick (Vin Diesel) and Air Elemental Aereon (Judi Dench).                   “There are very few of us who have met a Necromonger and lived to speak of it. So when I choose to speak of it, you should choose to listen.”

Dame Vaako (Thandie Newton) and Lord Vaako (Karl Urban), Necromonger power couple.

Lord Vaako seems to be fond of A) armor and B) guyliner.

Dame Vaako whispering something in Lord Vaako’s ear, something she does frequently.

“The first six Lord Marshals have called this home. Magnificent, isn’t it?”  “I might have gone a different way.”

Impending sunrise on Crematoria.  “If I owned this place and Hell, I’d rent this place out and live in Hell.”

        The terminator between day and night on Crematoria.

                                               Kyra (Alexa Davalos), a resident of Crematoria’s slam.

“It’s an animal thing.”

   Linus Roache as the Purifier.  Some of these Necromonger characters have questionable taste in headgear.  Nice skullcap!

But cool weaponry!

                               (image found at

Colm Feore as Lord Marshal.



                                                   Dame Vaako’s outfits always seem to have an exoskeleton spinal thing going on.  There’s so much incredible fashion in this movie and if you’d like to study it in more detail, visit:  Naergi’s Costuming Site


Photos courtesy of Universal Pictures, Radar Pictures, One Race Productions and Primal Foe Productions


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