Busting Out

Busting Out

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I find myself a bit stymied when trying to verbalize what I feel about this documentary as I thought it was a bit bland. It was definitely an interesting subject and I appreciated the questions asked of the viewer. I found it empowering yet also awkwardly embarrassing and it definitely did a good job of deconstructing all the conflicting ways we think about breasts in modern society.  I’m not a fan of director Francine Strickwerda’s narration skill because every time she spoke, it broke the spell the rest of the film had created. It’s not that what she had to say wasn’t relevant, but it sounded as though she was just reading lines and the effect was very amateur.  Her personal involvement seemed to detract a bit from the otherwise compelling arguments and observations, but her own story did provide a nice framework within which to explore the issue. This film certainly challenged a lot of preconceived notions and stereotypes and shed light on the science and psychology underpinning the whole thing. I found the insights from the various contributors to be enlightening even though sometimes I disagreed with what was being said. However, I’ve got to say that despite the subject being intrinsically fascinating, the filmmakers actually managed to make the pace drag and my interest wandered occasionally. Who knew it was possible to make a conversation about boobs even a little bit boring?  Worthwhile but not particularly good, I give this a C-cup rating – just average.  – BETHANY

For more on this C-cup documentary, visit: the Internet Movie Database

These two pictures are the only ones I could find that I was sure were actually in the documentary.  You can imagine the images I got when typing in ‘Busting Out’ into the Google image search.  The only worse one was trying to find pictures for the movie xXx.

This is a photo of Laurel Spellman Smith, an Amazon parrot, and Francine Strickwerda, (the director of Busting Out) while filming their documentary Oil & Water in the Amazon.  (image courtesy of oilandwaterdocumentary.com)

And now, an excuse for breast related cartoons!

Dalek Bump Jobs


Photos from the film courtesy of documentaryheaven.com and dailymomtra.com

Cartoon credits can be found by clicking on them.




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