National Lampoon’s The Legend of Awesomest Maximus

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OK people, this movie is flat out uproariously funny. My stomach hurt from laughing so hard throughout the whole thing which came as a surprise, as raunchy movies usually aren’t my thing. I am however a huge fan of sword-and-sandals epic movies, and this one skewers them all in one big mash-up of Troy, Alexander, Gladiator and 300, plus a little Braveheart thrown in just for the heck of it. If you haven’t seen any of those films, this isn’t going to be nearly as funny, as it zeroes in on those plots in rather fine detail.  Yes, of course the humor is low brow, puerile, often disgusting and ridiculously silly, but that’s the point! Totally irreverent and decidedly gauche, this is an excellent National Lampoon movie, with all that implies. I was already laughing at the opening credits (pay attention or you’ll miss all the little details) and the outtakes during the closing credits were the perfect cherry on top of this utterly delicious sundae of adult entertainment. Let me be clear, this is definitely rated R content with plenty of nudity, sexual humor and some appalling language and should not be undertaken by anyone who dislikes vulgarity of any kind.  I was shocked to be as amused as I was by the whole thing, particularly the wooden statue built in order to infiltrate Troy that was most definitely not a horse.  Part of the humor comes from cleverly mixing modern references and idioms into the ancient world and even though there is a lot of gratuitous content, I dissolved into a puddle of helpless laughter at all the little visual gags. Major props to Ian Ziering who nailed his role as a muscle bound diva of a warrior whose only vulnerable spot was…. Nah, I wouldn’t dream of spoiling it for you, but it wasn’t his ankle! – BETHANY

For more on this excellent addition to National Lampoon canon, visit:  The Internet Movie Database

                                   Sophie Monk as Princess Ellen

King Erotic, bravely played, surprisingly well, by Khary Payton.

                             Kristanna Loken as adjective/name combo Hottessa.

 Will Sasso as Awesomest Maximus and Kevin Linhan as Quantas, the voice of reason who can also provide non-stop flights to Sydney.

Orlando (Gary Lundy) and Awesomest -Yes, I’m named after the actor who famously played this role and I’m sorry, but you can’t have a little braid like mine, but the reasons why are obvious.

King Looney (Rip Torn) decides Ellen is welcome.  (image courtesy of

They’ll never take my freedom, but they definitely got my dignity.

Hottessa’s audition tape for yet another Lord of the Rings elf that did not appear in the books.

 Tony Cox as Minoritees.  Seriously.  (Costumes provided by Under Armour)

 Ian Ziering as Testiclees, spelled so as not to confuse modern audiences.

Wardrobe!  Why does Tony get a chain when my contract clearly states I am to be wearing all the chains?

How are they going to fit all that on the marquee?


Photos courtesy of National Lampoon Productions Farah Films & Management and Vision Entertainment




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