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Don’t be fooled by the Horror classification; this is a paranormal noir type drama, not a freak fest. It’s a very adult story of a pack of werewolves that includes the only female werewolf in existence. Well played by Laura Vandervoort (who is not coincidentally very easy on the eyes), she’s conflicted about her werewolfitude (not a real word, but it works, doesn’t it?) and seeks a normal life. Why she would look for it in Toronto beats me, but she tries to carry on a relationship with a very nice guy whom she has to lie to on a regular basis, which as we all know is the basis of a great romance. (Sorry, my cynicism was showing) Thus far, werewolves are the only supernaturals in the narrative, which is a welcome respite from other shows that seem to be populated with just about every supernatural being, provided they are aesthetically pleasing.  Season two introduces witches, but since the show is based on book series Women of the Otherworld, this is not terribly shocking.

Bitten is an interesting and compelling look at a secret world that is taken seriously by the writers, who delve in detail into how such an underground society might work. The mythology here is different than other werewolf stuff out there, so don’t expect it to play by your rules. Complex relationships and back stories, with more than a splash (say, a bucketful) of murder and suspense make this show truly addictive. I’ve become invested in what happens to the characters and I really have no idea where the story might go. A cool, sexy show that seems very real, once you’ve clicked on your suspension of disbelief switch. Characters act in accordance with their established personalities, which means the drama isn’t manufactured just to create interest. Worth watching if only to see Stonehaven, the ancestral home of this pack of wolves that hides many, many secrets. – BETHANY

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         The werewolf effects might not be the best but …

Click here to tour Stonehaven, the werewolf lodge

There are some seriously hot guys on this show.  Nick Sorrentino (Steve Lund)  Logan Jonsen (Michael Xavier) and Clayton Danvers (Greystone Holt).

Lest you think she’s just a pretty face, Laura Vandervoort (Elena Michaels) has a second degree karate black belt and does many of her own stunts.

That girl is seriously ripped!

            Nick and Antonio Sorrentino (Paulino Nunes), with a conveniently displayed headline.

Unpacking "hot stock" from season 1 of #bitten #nomorenicky name that episode?

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Why do bad guys always hang out at scuzzy motels?

Pack Alpha Jeremy Danvers (Greg Bryk) favors button down shirts and vests.  Somebody has to keep it classy!  Note the wolf totem in the background.

Logan’s girlfriend Rachel Sutton (Genelle Williams) does NOT own a Bed and Breakfast in Bear Valley.  This joke is aimed solely at fans of Warehouse 13.

(This set of images found on Pinterest)

         Clay is a professor of anthropology but his job is never mentioned again after the introduction.  Maybe the university fired him for biting attractive co-eds.


Photos courtesy of Entertainment One, Hoodwink Entertainment, No Equal Entertainment, Space and Syfy


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