I Want Candy

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A screamingly funny movie done brilliantly in the typical British understated way. A group of friends, bored with their film school assignments, decide to make the script they’ve written into an actual movie. Unfortunately they discover the only way they’ll get funding is if they re-write it as an “adult entertainment” film and sign legendary porn star Candy Fiveways (Carmen Electra) to be the leading lady. The shenanigans that go on as they try to film the movie are flat-out hysterical, but don’t let the R rating fool you into thinking this is a skin flick. Everything related to the actual porn is alluded to but never actually shown, with the hilarious exceptions of the gross-out scene needing a wet-wipe and the slice of buttered toast (you’ll see…). Of course, the subject material alone deserves the R rating and since this is a British film there is quite a bit of casual profanity scattered throughout. However, I think classifying this as raunchy is misleading, as this comes nowhere near the low brow and frankly disgusting content of, say, Bridesmaids. This reminded me more in flavor of The Full Monty, although the premise is quite different. If you like British comedies then I highly recommend this one for you, but you do need to be able to appreciate off-color ridiculousness. – BETHANY

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Budding filmmakers Baggy (Tom Burke) and Joe (Tom Riley) go to extraordinary lengths to get funding.

Candy Fiveways (Carmen Electra)

The voice of reason, ever practical Lila (Michelle Ryan) and Joe.

I Want Candy Filmbild Bild-7Many of you will be wearing similar expressions whilst watching this.

I Want Candy Filmbild Bild-4Financiers of a dubious nature – Michael de Vere (Sir John Standing) and Doug Perry (Eddie Marsan).

I Want Candy Filmbild Bild-5                                                     Nice, er, cover-up (that covers up nothing).

I Want Candy Filmbild Bild-2    I have much to teach you, young padawan.

I’d hesitate to eat a doughnut from this guy’s office.

Don’t ask.  Seriously.

Dulberg (Mackenzie Crook).



Photos courtesy of Thema Production, Ealing Studios, Grovesnor Park Film, Sky Movies, Fragile Films, National Lottery through UK Film Council, Media Programme of the European Community, CCE Film Partners and Buena Vista International


8 thoughts on “I Want Candy

  1. Enjoyed your review, although I doubt I’ll see this one; I only watch films with my wife, and this is definitely not her cuppa tea. Interestingly, Carmen Electra is from Cincinnati, where I currently live–although that is my sole connection to her. Honest. ;>)

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    1. I’m glad you liked the review, even if the subject material isn’t quite what you want to watch. I agree, this particular film has a very narrow audience, meaning it is going to take a specific type of person in order to really enjoy it. My job is simply to draw an accurate picture of the film and then let you decide whether or not you want to invest your time based on my information. Perhaps if you browse through the Title Index you’ll find something better suited to you.


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