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While not a masterpiece, this movie was at least mildly entertaining. It was Ghost meets Men in Black, but alas, the preview was better than the film, as it had most of the good bits in it.  Ryan Reynolds dimly stars as Nick, a Boston PD cop whom, after being killed on the job, discovers if you’ve done anything naughty in life, when you die you simply switch departments.  Once inducted into the Rest In Peace Department (R.I.P.D.), Nick now polices souls who try to escape back into the world as unimaginatively named “deados”.  Jeff Bridges was over the top and obviously having fun with his role as erstwhile U.S. Marshal Roy and Nick’s new albeit very old (like American Civil War old) partner, but I couldn’t help but wish he’d underplayed it instead, more along the lines of Tommy Lee Jones in the MIB movies. Mary-Louise Parker was sarcastically wonderful as a somewhat bored after-life civil servant and Kevin Bacon did the impossible of making you hate him, but the script wasn’t all it could have been.

The plot was needlessly overblown, melodramatic and tries to be epic when a more low key approach might have been beneficial. I think it would have been better if they’d just done day to day business as usual in the R.I.P.D. instead of going the route of an impending apocalypse. Ryan Reynolds did the best he could with a somewhat lackluster role and it was fun to see a Victoria’s Secret model flex her comedic acting muscles. On the whole, I thought it had an interesting plot and some truly funny stuff sprinkled throughout, but not a movie I’d like to watch again. Worth a rental, but not a theater ticket. – BETHANY

For more information on R.I.P.D., visit the Internet Movie Database

So what happens when you are asked to turn in your gun and your badge?  Ouch!

Attending your own funeral cliché.

                So why does Mary-Louise Parker’s character get an actual badge instead of one branded on your skin?

                   Nope, nothing unusual or suspicious here.

              Jeff Bridges described this movie as ‘underwhelming’.  I concur.

Nice Go-Go boots!

    One among many bizarre faces pulled by Jeff Bridges.

Victoria’s Secret model Marisa Miller plays Roy’s avatar in the real world.  “Excuse me? I’m not a piece of meat put on this earth for your gratification, I’m a woman. Respect me or I will castrate you like a three-year-old steer.”

Whereas Nick is represented by James Hong, described as “an old Chinese guy”.


Photos courtesy of Universal Pictures, Original Film, Dark Horse Entertainment and Relativity Media


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