Friends with Better Lives

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When I first saw the pilot episode for this new CBS show, I thought it was a little campy, a lot cheesy and admittedly very funny. Fortunately, I stuck around for more episodes and I’m so glad I did. This is the millennial version of Friends, but they are all thirty-somethings, actually have professional careers and adult relationships and they live in Los Angeles. James Van Der Beek is sarcastic and a little clueless as a newly divorced doctor who has moved in with his married friends “temporarily”. Why do I have the feeling he will never leave?

Witty, pithy, honest and laugh-out-loud hilarious, this show has totally drawn me in and I’m hooked. But, as we all know, the mark of a good show is that it isn’t all fun and laughter. There are little threads of truly serious stuff woven in that make it interesting, having the characters address real problems that are relatable to the audience. It is fast-paced, wacky and deliciously entertaining and I dare you to try watching an entire episode without laughing at least once. CBS, if you don’t renew this show for a second season, there is something seriously wrong with you.  [Addendum:  CBS evidently has something seriously wrong with them, because they cancelled it.  But rumor has it other networks are interested.  Here’s hoping!  The show is well worth watching, even if there aren’t all that many episodes.]   – BETHANY

For more on this great sitcom that suffered a premature cancellation, go to the Internet Movie Database

Left to right:  Will (James Van Der Beek), Kate (Zoe Lister Jones), Bobby (Kevin Donnolly), Andi (Majandra Delfino), right top: Jules (Brooklyn Decker) right bottom: Lowell (Rick Donald)

Will (James Van Der Beek) has moved in with Bobby and Andi (Majandra Delfino and Kevin Connolly), including moving under their snuggly blanket.

     Jules and Australian boyfriend Lowell (Brooklyn Decker and Rick Donald), a very blonde couple.

Jules gets some unwanted attention at a wedding.  I have two observations about this.  First, wearing that tight of a dress with such minuscule cups designed to show the most of your décolletage.  Second, why is she wearing what looks like a wedding dress at someone else’s wedding?  Major faux pas, Jules.

       As you can see, other things went wrong at these nuptials.   Maybe Jules jinxed it with her faux bridal dress.

     Egad, what is on that phone?  Kate can’t even bring herself to watch!

   Kate believes wine is the solution to everything.  Personally, I think chocolate is the solution to everything.  Or perhaps 42.  (You’re welcome, Douglas Adams fans!)

Jules and Lowell are adorably dim bohemians with a cloying romantic vibe to them.  You should hate them, but they’re just so darn cute!

                                   I could have Lowell saying something like ‘G’day, mate!’,  but I like Australians too much, so I won’t insult them.

                           What expectant mother doesn’t use her belly as a mug rest?

You cancelled us?  After just five episodes?  What’s wrong with you people! Who’s running this Mickey Mouse operation?

                                     Cancelled?  Confound it!  The indignity!  What Kate said, times TEN!

      See?  Chocolate transcends everything.

You slept with Caitlyn Jenner?  Good Lord, she’s old enough to be your father!

Photos courtesy of Liscolade Productions, Kapital Entertainment, 20th Century Fox Television, Hemingson Entertainment and CBS (unless otherwise credited in clickable form)


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