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OK, so the premise of this show is a little hard to swallow, but there are plenty of other TV shows out there about the paranormal and nobody bats an eye. The focus of this show is a special little girl named Bo, who evidently inherited psychic and telekinetic gifts from her mother. She was born into the care of a group of scientific researchers trying to harness her power for some unknown but probably nefarious purpose. Now on the run from the powers that be, Bo is entrusted by some of the erstwhile scientists to a man they broke out of prison’s death row (exactly where anyone would go to find excellent child care). William Tate swears he was framed and is also, as we discover in the first episode, Bo’s father, although neither one of them know it. Tate and Bo continually try to evade the authorities but frequently get sidetracked by Bo’s intense desire to help people in ways only she can.

The story is meant to be about the uncorrupted innocence of Bo, the redemption of Tate and the all-powerful force of good the two of them together represent. Whether the show manages to achieve this is a matter of opinion, but each episode has a dreamy, hopeful quality to it that I find quite compelling. The high minded premise is leavened with a humorous, slightly antagonistic relationship between the two leads as they slowly figure out how to work together. The visual effects achieved when Bo manifests her power are quite stunning, and I was looking forward to learning more about all the characters as the narrative progressed, but now the show has been cancelled.  Even though there won’t be any more of them, the first season is well worth watching on its own merit.  – BETHANY

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Not your average little girl.  Bo Adams is played by Johnny Sequoyah.

                         Dr. Milton Winter (Delroy Lindo), leader of the group of scientists who split from Project Orchestra and now make it their mission to protect Bo.

Janice Channing (Jamie Chung), one of Milton Winter’s associates dedicated to protecting Bo.

Dr. Roman Skouras (Kyle McLaughlin), head of Project Orchestra and one-time partner of Milton Winter.

                                                     Bo, meet Tate.  We busted him out of prison so he could look after you!

Bo and William Tate (Jake McLaughlin).

                                                                       Bo, Tate and Lila Leeds (Katie McClellan), another member of Winter’s team.  I don’t think her disguise is very good.  Ever seen a doctor wearing black combat boots?

                                                                     Dr. Zoe Boyle (Kerry Condon), who replaced Winter as head of research at Project Orchestra.

Dude, you cut Bo’s hair like that and we’ll have a problem.

         FBI Special Agent Elizabeth Ferrel (Trieste Kelly Dunn).

Bo using her power, this time in the form of birds.  Does that make her a druid or a Disney princess?

                         Bo and Tate get close.

On the run again.  Those are some epic earmuffs, Bo!



Photos courtesy of Bad Robot, Bonanza Productions, Esperanto Filmoj, Warner Bros. Television and NBC (unless otherwise credited in clickable form)


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