2 Broke Girls

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Caustic, acidic, sometimes all too believable and often laugh out loud funny, this female-driven show is definitely a must see. The ongoing adventures of the titular two very broke girls, Max and Caroline, are engaging and pragmatic as they try to keep financially afloat as waitresses in a very sub-par Williamsburg diner. Yes, it is sometimes gratuitously cheesy with contrived one-liners and burlesque supporting characters, but I love it. Kat Dennings is superb as Max, a self-denigrating denizen of New York’s lower crust.  In an uncharacteristic act of altruism, Max offers Caroline (Beth Behrs) an erstwhile millionaire’s daughter who is suddenly penniless when her father is jailed for fraud, a place to sleep for a night.  Naturally, she never leaves. The dynamic between the two drives the show, along with other characters in and around the diner. It’s a bit like The Odd Couple with girls, but much, much better.

Very apropos for the current economic reality, it is nice to see characters in a sitcom struggling to make ends meet instead of, say, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills (don’t even get me started). Jennifer Coolidge is hilarious as a slightly clueless, over-sexed and over-the-top character, which seems to be her signature role in most everything.  Han (Matthew Moy), the long-suffering owner of the diner, is essentially a walking punchline and Max in particular is quite ruthless at dishing out endless one-liners at his expense.  Caroline decides to put her business degree to use and turn Max’s hobby of making cupcakes into an actual moneymaker.  Each episode ends with the current accounting of how much money the girls have at any given time.  Always good for many laughs an episode, I look forward to many more seasons of this show to see whether Max and Caroline can ever really succeed with their cupcake business. More power to you, ladies! – BETHANY

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The main cast from left to right:  Sophie Kachinsky (Jennifer Coolidge), Oleg (Jonathan Kite), Max Black (Kat Dennings), Caroline Channing (Beth Behrs), Earl (Garrett Morris) and Han Lee (Matthew Moy).

         Busty Max has to deal with guys like this a lot.

        The girls go seriously sexy for a Super Bowl ad.

      Caroline tries to entice customers to buy not only the cupcakes, but also the T-shirts she somewhat unwisely had made up.

Max sporting an eye patch (don’t ask), while Caroline continues to sport the last vestige of her former life – her pearls.

Max, Han, Caroline and cashier Earl.  Believe it or not, Han is a full grown man!


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