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I’m sure this show has its good points (it’s littered with gorgeous men, for one) and probably has much to recommend it (a grown up with an imaginary friend?  Awesome!). However, I couldn’t stomach the blatant and relentless liberal bias that was so pervasive as to be endemic. I applaud more movies and TV shows making an effort to accurately portray people living and coping with a variety of mental illnesses which inevitably reduces the stigma in the real world.  The show revolves around Dr. Daniel Pierce (Erin McCormack), a brilliant neuropsychiatrist and neuroscience professor at a University.  He’s also a paranoid schizophrenic, but his hallucinations sometimes enable him to solve crimes.  Naturally he is recruited by the FBI to help solve murders.  (Based on all the TV shows about brilliant scientists recruited by the FBI to help solve murders, pretty much every FBI branch office in the country must have their very own oddball genius on staff.  But I digress.)

The premise was great and I was happy to give it a shot, but after a couple of episodes I realized the writing was in no way compatible with my personal political views. Such a shame, as I really wanted to like McCormack’s new show and it’s a real pity the writers clearly care more about liberal political agendas than about promoting a more positive public awareness and understanding of mental disorders. I just don’t want to spend my time watching something that constantly attacks and insults my conservative ideals with absolutely no attempt made to be even remotely balanced. If the writing ever stops being such a landslide to the left, perhaps I’ll give it another chance but until then, no thank you. – BETHANY

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Left to right:  Special Agent Moretti (Rachel Leigh Cook), Dr. Daniel Pierce (Erin McCormack), Max Lewicki (Arjay Smith) and Natalie Vincent (Kelly Rowan).  Just so you know, the blond is actually Pierce’s imaginary friend.

jbperception_02a Jamie Bamber as Dr. Michael Hathaway – who could resist that face?

Scott Wolf as Assistant U.S. Attorney Donnie Ryan and Rachel Leigh Cook as Agent Rose Moretti.

This picture gets much more interesting when you realize she’s not real and to everyone else around, he looks like he’s talking to an empty bench.  [I wonder, is it ever possible to absolutely hate what your imaginary friend is wearing?  Since they exist only in your mind, you’re the one who dressed them, right?  I should also note that I’m being entirely facetious here and mean no disrespect.]

                                Erin McCormack and LeVar Burton as Paul Haley.


Photos courtesy of Paperboy Productions, ABC Productions and TNT (unless otherwise credited in clickable form)


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